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  1. The Petrified Forest [6 track mini-album]
    by Biosphere
  2. The Senja Recordings
    by Biosphere
  3. The Hilvarenbeek Recordings [Remastered and expanded version]
    by Biosphere
    by Le JAD
  5. Cartographer's Archives - Box
    by [AxS]
  6. Chimiq EP
    by Pumpkin & Vin'S da Cuero
  7. Introvert EP
    by Aether x Pensees
  8. Acte II
    by Psykick Lyrikah
  9. Top Ten
    by ViBe League
  10. Peinture Fraiche Instrumentales
    by Pumpkin & Vin'S da Cuero
  11. Bells and Whistles
    by Blockhead
  12. Archives I-II
    by Atrium Carceri
  13. Be Left to Oneself
    by Keosz
  14. Echoes from Outer Silence
    by Alphaxone
  15. Lost Here
    by protoU
  16. Reliquiae
    by Atrium Carceri
  17. Dredge Portals
    by God Body Disconnect
  18. Reflections under the sky
    by SiJ & Textere Oris
  19. Aokigahara
    by Flowers for Bodysnatchers
  20. AINSI DE SUITE | Vinyl & Digital
    by Pumpkin
  21. Diagnosis
    by Council of Nine
  22. Peinture Fraiche
    by Pumpkin & Vin'S da Cuero
  23. Self Destruction Themes
    by Wordclock
  24. Mentalow Mixtape Vol. 1 Mixed by DJ Lyrik
  25. Remnants
    by Randal Collier-Ford
  26. Eye of Tunguska
    by Ugasanie
  27. Gnosis Dei
    by Metatron Omega
  28. Monde Obscure
    by Aegri Somnia
  29. Onyx
    by Apocryphos, Kammarheit, Atrium Carceri
  30. Absence of Motion
    by Alphaxone
  31. Signals V
    by Sabled Sun
  32. Sea of Black
    by Enmarta
  33. Phrenitis
    by Atrium Carceri
  34. Souyuan
    by Atrium Carceri
  35. Dark Ambient of 2015
    by Cryo Chamber
  36. Welcome to my Orphanage
    by Raoul Sinier
  37. Neuroplasticity
    by Dronny Darko
  38. Azathoth
    by Cryo Chamber Collaboration
  39. Helluland
    by Northumbria
  40. Das Subharchord
    by Biosphere
  41. Metropolis
    by Atrium Carceri
  42. Drum Therapy
    by Tor
  43. The Old City - OST
    by Atrium Carceri
  44. kdi dctb 122
    by toy.bizarre / ingeos
  45. Earth Songs
    by Dronny Darko & protoU