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Jean-Louis Buffière

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  1. Pipe Dreams
    by Mary Jane Leach
  2. The Visit of the Stranger (2017 -2018)
    by Paco Rossique
  3. Where a City Once Drowned: The Bethlehem Tapes Vol. II
    by Clara Engel
  4. Domestic Sampler UMYU
    by Various Artists
  5. In Off-On-a-Tangent Park
    by Bing Selfish
  6. 414 - 4 Track Studies
    by Jeffrey Larson
  7. Bimini Twist
    by Alison Statton & Spike
  8. Ashes & Tangerines
    by Clara Engel
  9. Undercover
    by Kathy Hulme
  10. Eleven Passages
    by Clara Engel
  11. Come Up And Hear My Etchings
    by Robert Storey
  12. Lantern Waste
    by Age of Not Believing
  13. Socrates' Garden
    by Kamura Obscura
  14. Vigils
    by Clara Engel
  15. Selfish Sentiments
    by Bing Selfish and The Windsors
  16. Speleology : Kamura Obscura Live
    by Kamura Obscura
  17. Stropicalia
    by The Capybaras
  18. It's Capybara Time!
    by The Capybaras
  19. Singes
    by Florence Raynaud
  20. The '81 Demos
    by WEEKEND
  21. Your Halo is a Swarm of Bees
    by Clara Engel
  22. Never Mind The Bucket
    by OFFICER!
  23. The Bethlehem Tapes
    by Clara Engel
  24. Croque Madame
    by -
  25. Adrift
    by The Murphy Love Experience
  26. The Indefatigable Logic of Bing & Bob
    by Bing Selfish and Bob Hopeless
  27. AD182 'Already Dead V: DIY or DIE'
    by Already Dead Tapes and Records
  28. AD162 Coin Locker Kid 'Hailstorm & Maelstrom'
    by Already Dead Tapes and Records
  29. Songs About Housework
    by Su Lyn
  30. Lines Of Desire
    by Su Lyn
  31. Dip Your Toe In
    by the C Siders
  32. Nobodies - Cup of Tea
    by The Nobodies
  33. Frankincense
    by Orchestre Murphy
  34. Kamura Obscura
    by Atsuko Kamura
  35. Murphy No Geisha
    by -
  36. Madagascar EP
    by Clara Engel