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Jean-Francois REMY

  1. Nantes, France
  2. R&B/Soul
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  1. Mood Cosmic
    by Neon Ion
    Stay Love Stay Love
    So original lovely songs and music.
  2. Heart Echoes
    by Neon Ion
    Neon Dreams Neon Dreams
    So pleasant to listen
  3. seasons
    by VINTER
    together my love together my love
    All are favorite songs
    appears in 1 other collection
  4. A Wave from the Sidelines
    by The Search
  5. Some Place Far Away
    by The Search
  6. Five
    by David Broussard
  7. III
    by David Broussard
  8. Summer Nights
    by Lina Stalyte
  9. Sun / Moon
    by Philip Shibata
  10. Seasons to Seasons EP
    by Philip Shibata
    Nothing Less (feat. Jonathan Ogden) Nothing Less (feat. Jonathan Ogden)
    Absolutely wonderful
  11. "Kill A Feeling" [LP]
    by CARLA
  12. Soul Glow
    by MELONYX
    Made to Suffer Made to Suffer
    Difficult to choose my favorite songs
  13. Roses
    by Aphrose
  14. can you get there
    by Oviette
    Why Don't Ya Why Don't Ya
  15. Future Is Now
    by Sheenah Ko
  16. Memory Girl
    by Natalie McCool
    Better Better
  17. Amethysts
    by Amethysts
    Stones Stones
    All songs perfects
  18. Conscious
    by Scarlett Fagan
    Try It Try It
    Very difficult to choose my favourite song. All of them are my favourites
  19. Live at Epic
    by Morganway
  20. Morganway
    by Morganway
    Let Me Go Let Me Go
    Wonderful songs and musicians