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Jean-Francois REMY

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  1. In the Darkness
    by Anne Haight
    Scratch Scratch
    All songs and music are very attractive
  2. komorebi
    by flyt
    Hazy Love Hazy Love
    as better than Select CD album.
    So smoothy
  3. Forward
    by Liana
    Liana - Forward Liana - Forward
  4. Prime Time
    by Liana
    Liana - Good Intentions Liana - Good Intentions
  5. Icarus
    by TOMKAT
  6. Big Love
    by TOMKAT
  7. Zoey Jones 'Don't Think'
    by Zoey Jones
    Unlock The Secret In Me Unlock The Secret In Me
    Great soul/jazz voice
  8. Peace In Chaos
    by Vesna's Fall
    Thin Line Thin Line
    Wonderful Rock music/songs with Levita's voice. A very very good album
  9. Holy Waters
    by Aruba Red
    Goddess Vibes Goddess Vibes
    Songs and music to forget the usual life
  10. Shadow Work
    by Aruba Red
    Release Me Release Me
    Songs and music to forget the usual life. I love Aruba's songs.
  11. Amalur
    by June Calsor
    Ura Ura
    Quiet English / Spanish songs with the extraordinary voice of June.
    Perfect mix of soul and Jazz songs.
  12. Racing the Dark
    by Rosie Roulette
    Romeo Romeo
    It's been a long time since I listened to such songs: each song is a play.
    A very good Album
  13. The Only Way I Learn [EP]
    by Abi Farrell
    Ivy Ivy
    A must to listen
  14. The Fog
    by VENUS (formerly known as Sophie Janes)
    Undone Undone
  15. Retrograde
    by Liquid Beach
    Oceans Oceans
    Groove for our mind.
  16. Rise
    by Bianca Aristía
    Ready To Run Ready To Run
    Wonderful and powerful R&B voice with great songs.
  17. Hard to Sleep, Easy to Dream (LP | 2017)
    by Airling
    Take Care of You Take Care of You
  18. This Love Song is Better Left Unsung (EP)
    by Jewelia
    Lovers Vows Lovers Vows
  19. City of My Mind (Album)
    by Jewelia
    Fall in Love Fall in Love
  20. select
    by flyt
    Here for You Here for You
    Great jazz soul songs mix with a atmosphere very smoothy.