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  1. The Heavy Medicinal Grand Exposition
    by Frozen Planet....1969
  2. Godhead Lizard
    by Godhead Lizard
  3. Gran Muro de Coma
    by La Iglesia Atomica
    Viajero Viajero
    Gran Muro de Coma transcends not only the borders and limitations of genre, but of space-time also. The band suggest that this, their sophomore LP, is best listened to on hallucinogens. I would argue that it is, itself, a most potent hallucinogen. More than a sonic interpretation of the Voyager probe and it's journey - when listening to this, you ARE the Voyager.
  4. Stratus Nimbus
    by Stratus Nimbus
  5. TDIII - Tokes, Hatred & Caffeine
    by Tumbleweed Dealer
  6. High Reeper
    by High Reeper
  7. The Electric Dunes of Titan
    by Motherslug
  8. Angus Black
    by Angus Black
  9. Live at Copperfields
  10. Tales of The Wizard - EP
    by Kurse
  11. Hällas - Excerpts From a Future Past
    by Hällas
  12. Hypnos
    by Captives of the Void
  13. The Prodigal Son Brings Death
    by Mind Eraser
  14. Moon Harvester
    by Gryflet
  15. Make Fire
    by Occult Wisdom
  16. Neath A Shin Ei Sun
    by The Neptune Power Federation
    Holy cosmic mother! The rate at which this LP just ascended the many-runged ladder that is my Best Albums of 2017 is out of this world. Read my full review yonder:
  17. Storms
    by The Dead-End Alley Band
  18. Second Stone
    by Huanastone
  19. Long Play
    by Poste 942
  20. Melting Walls
    by The Melting Walls
  21. Green
    by Mage
  22. Reap The Storm
    by Wucan
  23. Cooking With...
    by Heavy Whipped Cream
    I heard around 20 seconds of Heavy Whipped Cream on Bill Leslie's Rock That Time Forgot on Astro Radio and knew immediately that I had to have 'Cooking With...'
    Symphony Of The Night Symphony Of The Night
    Both time traveling and genre defying, Ruby The Hatchet have, unsurprisingly, released one of 2017's most remarkable albums. Recorded in a 19th-century estate deep in the woods of Pennsylvania, the creative talents of the band dance here as vibrant specters around psychedelic fires, whipping up from pages of the rock & roll grimoire all the otherworldly atmospheres that we could hope for. Thoroughly entrancing!
  25. Awakening
    by Blues Funeral
    'The Search' was one of my favourite albums of last year so I naturally hit "Buy Album" without listening. 'Awakening' is hitting all the buttons I expected it would and, although it's too early to pick a favourite track, it's clear Blues Funeral have once again produced what will be an Album of the Year on my radio show, Into The Void on Astro Radio.
  26. Watcher's Guard
    by Watcher's Guard
    Watcher's Guard have unleashed what stands to be one of 2017's finest releases. I'm already looking forward to hearing more crushing heavy doom from these Glasgow lads - and of course to seeing them live! Great stuff.
  27. Between The Lines
    by Between The Lines
  28. Sproingg
    by Sproingg
  29. Mask of Discomfort
    by Lares
  30. Path of Least Resistance EP
    by Somaesthesia
  31. I, Necromancer
    by Atragon
    by Iron Altar
  34. Urraca
    by Sunless
  35. A Stygian Pyre
  36. A Timeless Mass
    by Humbaba
  37. Medicine
    by Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree
  38. Cast The First Stone
    by Hour Of Penance
  39. Heartless
    by Pallbearer
  40. Weapons of Thrash Destruction
    by Terrifier
  41. A Voyage in Solitude
    by Garganjua
  42. Created in the Image of Suffering
    by King Woman
  43. The Tree Of Death
    by Condenados
  44. Labyrinth
    by whitecube
  45. Crescendo Dezign
    by Theory In Practice