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  1. OWARI
    by Stick Men with Gary Husband
  2. Space Sailors
    by RYMDEN
  3. Pathways & Passages
    by Cosmic Vibrations ft. Dwight Trible
  4. The Mage
    by Greg Foat
  5. Strange Celestial Road
    by Sun Ra & His Arkestra
  6. Jazz Sabbath
    by Jazz Sabbath
  7. Nim Quartet
    by Nim Sadot
  8. Dodsdans
    by Galaverna
  9. Sauropoda
    by L'Eclair
  10. Worshippers
    by Web Web
  11. Summarisk Suite
    by Panzerpappa
  12. Aldorande
    by Aldorande
  13. Spirit Animal
    by Zombi
  14. The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers
    by YĪN YĪN
  15. Second Sight
    by Clouds Taste Satanic
    by Chat Noir
  17. Memories From Pines Bridge (Album 2019)
    by The Dry Mouths
  18. Fractal Guitar Remixes and Extra Tracks, including Urban Nightscape (Bill Laswell Remix)
    by Stephan Thelen
  19. För Meditation
    by Centrum
  20. Fractal Guitar
    by Stephan Thelen