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  1. Bummer
    by dead bedrooms
    bummer bummer
    Soft but purposeful vocals, shimmering instrumentation, and meaningfully fuzzy production all add up to an album steeped in well-crafted malaise.
  2. Time EP
    by wavegaze
    Mess Mess
    Danceable, lonely, and intimate, the Time EP by wavegaze is another home run in the canon of estranged, millennial dream pop.
  3. Nobody Listens
    by Topher Grey
    Late Nights Featuring Shaundric Mann Late Nights Featuring Shaundric Mann
    The trap-flavored beats, garage rock production, and endless echoes make for a completely unique listening experience unlike anything I've heard in the genre this year.
  4. Goliathan
    by Weedeater
    Battered & Fried Battered & Fried
    Growling vocals, heavy bass, and the kind of Southern character I didn't expect to find in this genre. Definitely not usually what I listen to but the opening line "I really hate your face" piqued my interest
  5. Four Songs
    by Andy the Giant
    Ambivalence is not very punk rock Ambivalence is not very punk rock
    Funny, kind of silly, and aware of itself, Andy the Giant offers a low-fi investigation of simple pleasures, the monster of the sea, and a critique of the punk movement at large. This review's over.
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  6. Cartoon Summers
    by ROBy
    Wine For Me Wine For Me
    In past generations the story of the youth was told through "the Great American Novel". No longer; today we have the Great American Rap Album. Your auntie say's you're up next? I fucking hope so.
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  7. Sketches
    by awindowlookingout
    wash away the past wash away the past
    The warbling vocals, soft drums, and gliding keyboards somewhat reminiscent of muzak create all the contemplative malaise implied in this poetic piece's album art.
    by Germ
    FUCK YOU (Feat. Pouya) FUCK YOU (Feat. Pouya)
    Germ and his cohorts take no prisoners; relentless triplet flows, booming bass, and incredibly obscene lyrics craft banger after banger after banger. This shit is killer.
    by Laxx P
    Every once in a while, a record comes along that makes you rethink the possibilities of sound. This is one such record. Seriously, this record has better production than some of the stuff on the Billboard 100.
  10. How Sad, How Lovely
    by Connie Converse
    Roving Woman Roving Woman
    Lilting, canary-like vocals and simple guitar playing carries quality lyrics. Is Connie still out there somewhere, under another name perhaps, reveling in her new-found fame? I hope so. She deserves it.
  11. suitcase
    by Suitcase
    end of the night end of the night
    Pop music with the swanky theatrics of a Broadway score. Great harmonies, too.
  12. Bomb
    by Christian Wray
    Nocturne City Nocturne City
    From it's pseudo-vaudeville introduction with "Bomb" to it's somber conclusion with "Window Pain", this album offers a lyrical fix and a musical truth not common to similar works.
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  13. Vantage
    by Charles Ramsey & Maya Cole
    Of Honeysuckles Of Honeysuckles
    Incredible vocal performances, endlessly interesting instrumentation, and off-the-wall production made me grin on first listen. Highly recommend to all sentient beings.
  14. Those Little Devils
    by Terry Turtle
    Robert Johnson Robert Johnson
    Bizarre, enthralling, and poignant all the same. What does it mean to have a lot of Robert Johnson in your soul? Why should I call you ocean head? I don't know, but I'll keep listening until (or even if I never) find out.
  15. Fuck Marry Kill
    by Daddy Issues
    Wild Thing Wild Thing
    This anthem for the disaffected and transgressive woman rocks, channeling energy and lyrics into the soundscape of garage rock. That chorus about bored sex in the back of a car rings so funny and so, so sad.
  16. Fresh Water
    by Arlo Hannigan and Bryan Muktoyuk
    Song Spirit Song Spirit
    If a song is a poem, then "Fresh Water" is a classic novel. I've never been to Alaska, but this album gives me a taste - tranquil, sincere, and above all, native.
  17. QYR001: "i will be my own hell because there is a devil inside my body"
    by teen suicide
    the way we were with people the way we were with people
    Here's the 4-1-1 folks: jangling guitars, oddly-dance-able beats, and soul-scraping lyrics will make you come back to this album like a tourist who realized they never felt at home at home.