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  1. Wake Up Call
    by David Weiss & Point Of Departure
    Multidirection Multidirection
    David Weiss, a veteran trumpet player and producer has put together a very eclectic mix of modern Jazz and fusion, breathing fresh life into compositions by the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Wayne Shorter, Joe Henderson, etc. Ropeadope Records continues to release quality music that matters and serious Jazz fans desire to have in their collection. Bravo, this one is a keeper!
  2. Five Leaves Left: A Tribute To Nick Drake
    by Jason Parker Quartet
    Day Is Done Day Is Done
    JPQ - Excellent! Michele Khazak - Excellent! Cynthia Mullis - Excellent! Outstanding, top notch recording reminding me a little of Herbie Hancock's River the Joni Letters. This is haunting, emotional, moving music that takes Nick Drake's music to another level. Eat, sleep, listen, repeat!
  3. Diaspora
    by Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah
    Diaspora [Feat. Elena Pinderhughes] Diaspora [Feat. Elena Pinderhughes]
    Christian Scott is an original, forward thinker for sure. Is this Jazz? Yes and no. Doesn't matter. He uses the term "stretch music" and he blends in "trap" with a load of talented musicians including Braxton Crook on sax, Lawrence Fields on piano and his own cool horn playing, creating a sound like nothing else you hear in the jazz world today. It took me a minute to get used to the SPD-SX, Sampling, but didn't take long for his creativity to win me over. A lot of great stuff going on!
  4. Self-Identity
    by Ollie Howell
    Rise and Fall Rise and Fall
    Strip away the electronics and effects and you have a cohesive sextet playing some very interesting straight ahead jazz. Ollie Howell has put together a first rate band for this project. When it comes to jazz it's easy to cover the American songbook of standards. It takes a special talent to write original music and do it well. Ollie has done that very thing and has a big career ahead.
  5. Another Place, Another Time
    by Lili Anel
    Another Place, Another Time Another Place, Another Time
    This 6-track EP is a joy. The title track is a brilliant Brazilian style exercise in musical coolness. Larry McKenna hits all the right notes! Should get a Grammy nomination for best Jazz song. I Don't Care is a whimsical, feel good song with a catchy chorus. It's Nobody's Fault is an old Blind Willie Johnson tune with a very modern take. The 2 ballads are stunning! Traffic Jam is hip and edgy. Lili's best work so far! UPDATE- 2017 LIVE SHOWS WITH LILI & HER BAND ARE KILLER!!!
  6. The Mood
    by Maurice Brown
    Moroccan Dancehall Moroccan Dancehall
    I got hip to Maurice Brown hearing the song Time Tick Tock in 2010 on Sirius XM. The Cycle Of Love is an Incredible album that I played repeatedly! This latest one he is firing on all cylinders. The triple threat of Moroccan Dancehall, Shenanigans and Capricorn Rising compelled me to buy this album. Wow! The horn section is a powerhouse force. With each listen the album gets more infectious. Not a huge rap fan, but it sits well with this recording.
  7. Søren Bebe Trio - "A Song For You"
    by Søren Bebe Trio
    Country Road Country Road
    My wonderful sister-in-law, who is a classically trained pianist, turned me on to Soren's music. This trio eloquently invokes an emotion that puts you in a good place. Soren's playing is front and center and his delivery is beautifully executed. I am delighted to have been exposed to a master pianist at the top of his game. Very well done! Looking forward to the CD.
  8. I Close My Eyes
    by Hauschka
    Can You Dance For Me Can You Dance For Me
    I love the simplicity as this is a contrast from his other recordings. I was able to find the latest release "What If" on vinyl and that too is brilliant for what it is with electronics and prepared piano. This one is Hauschka as the pure pianist on most tracks. Haunting, beautiful compositions. Has anyone noticed that song titles form sentences. I Am Walking From House to House To An Empty Mall. Can You Dance For Me Into The Dawn. etc.
  9. Nubya's 5ive
    by Nubya Garcia
    Lost Kingdoms Lost Kingdoms
    Well, it's obvious that Nubya Garcia is on to something by how fast the first vinyl pressing sold out. 2 Days! I pre-ordered the second pressing and it will well be worth the wait. Nubya leads a very tight sounding band. New and traditional at the same time. Very easy to fall in love with this sound.
  10. Fly or Die
    by jaimie branch
    theme 001 theme 001
    This album had me from "Jump Off". It's a sorta contemporary "Bitches Brew" without being a copy. It took one listen through to know I had to have this in my collection. The pigeon shit vinyl is a beautiful disc! Leaves of Glass has some very cool layering. Love the Free Jazz style and all the noisy, fabulous touches of sound. This is Jaimie's Cinderella Rocky story and not only does the music fly it soars very high! Excellent production!
  11. Homegrown
    by Jason Parker Quartet
    Feeding The Right Wolf Feeding The Right Wolf
    Straight ahead, staying true to tradition. Jason Parker's trumpet playing is spot on. Tasty piano solos too! All original tunes. Any serious Jazz fans should appreciate the tunes on this album. Excellent! Love it!
  12. I Can See Bliss From Here
    by Lili Anel
    Something To Do Something To Do
    Talk about vocals. Wow, what a voice! Beautifully crafted songs and a gifted writer of lyrics. Incredible blend of contemporary jazz, vocal jazz, soul and blues. Love "Something To Do" with its Latin Jazz feel. Blindsided #2 has a great trumpet solo. Then there's the beautiful lyrics of "Best Part Of Me", sounding personal and a song every parent can relate to. Kudos to the producers of this album! Love the artwork too.
  13. Fantastic Pictures
    by Pugs and Crows
    We Must Befriend The Ice Queen We Must Befriend The Ice Queen
    This won the 2013 Canadian JUNO award for BEST INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM! It's a hybrid of sorts, a little Jazz, a little Rock, a little Classical and a little quirky with layers of fun experimentation. The songs written by guitarist Cole Schmidt, are energetic, colorful and original.
  14. Parallax
    by Phronesis
    Stillness Stillness
    They are everything a power Jazz Trio should be, executing every note with precision like skilled surgeons. One of the best contemporary Jazz trios around today! I grabbed the vinyl from Amazon and the cool thing was that it came with a download card that connected to Bandcamp! The vinyl edition has 6 tracks, but I can't complain since it sounds so sweet and now I own the other 3 digital files! Gotta thank another Bandcamp fan, John Greenwood, for his recommendation!
  15. Life To Everything (Vinyl Edition)
    by Phronesis
    Urban Control Urban Control
    Outstanding live document of a high energy trio stretching the soundscape of contemporary Jazz! Jasper, Anton and Ivo each contribute compositions creating a cohesive unit of creative tunes. The engineer did a superb job of capturing the live sound. Updated double LP set with 3 bonus tracks not found on the original 2014 release. "Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything." Plato
  16. Cat Toren's HUMAN KIND
    by Cat Toren's HUMAN KIND
    Regression Regression
    MUSICAL MASTERPIECE! Human Kind is one of the most important albums of our time. Cat Toren leads a politically charged project to public awareness. At first listen one can't help but think of Trane perhaps the song Alabama or Love Supreme and the period that follows. But after further inspection the music becomes its own original, cohesive work of art. The use of the Oud on the first track Regression is brilliant. Cat's piano work on Sanctuary City is energetic and inspiring. The upright bass is classic. Drums drive the music forward and the sax glues it together. This is avant-garde at it's finest. Very well done!
  17. Goodbye Farm
    by Cat Toren
    Take Care Of Yourself Take Care Of Yourself
    Blown away! Delighted with the high quality writing on this album. The singing on most of the tracks adds a very nice touch. Stimulating, original, highly emotional and innovative tunes! Happy Song is one of my favorites. Gotta mention Olga Cuttell, the artist that painted the cover art. Beautiful paintings on this album and Inside The Sun. Cat is a gifted, phenomenal pianist and composer. I highly recommend this album chock full of creative juices!
  18. Inside The Sun
    by Cat Toren
    Vagabond Vagabond
    I was hooked on Cat's HUMAN KIND album and had to explore her other albums. This does not disappointment. Haunting, enticing music to say the least and moves in a different direction from her previous album Goodbye Farm. The compositions are brilliantly written, closer to free jazz . Top notch production and mastering by Alan Silverman at Arf Mastering! This guy has mastered all the greats: Norah Jones, Madeleine Peyroux, Earl Klugh, etc. Cat's finished product was in good hands!
  19. Godspeed [HD] [24Bit 88.2kHz]
    by Morten Schantz
    Growing Sense Growing Sense
    Incredible sound! Morten Schantz never does the same album twice, always changing, always evolving. Jazz Fusion at its very best! I have been going vinyl crazy lately since vinyl records have come back in recent years. But in this case I chose the CD simply because it has 12 tracks and the vinyl has 8. I wanted ALL of it. Perhaps down the line I will purchase the vinyl as well. This album grabbed me from the first listen. He has a history and deserves all the success in the world.
  20. Laughed Last (Reissue)
    by Lili Anel
    On The Run On The Run
    This is Lili Anel's first album originally released in 1994 and a big contrast in style from I Can See Bliss From Here 2013. This one tends to lean more towards singer-songwriter/folk with some touches of Jazz. I have several favorite tracks including The Wrong Time, On The Run, Baby When and Tonight. The 3 bonus tracks recorded live are a nice treat not found on the original release. After listening to the digital files for so long, I had to have the CD and snatched one of the 2 remaining!
  21. Ruler Rebel
    by Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah
    New Orleanian Love Song New Orleanian Love Song
    This one kicks off the trilogy and pushes stretch music to the next level. Christian Scott's forward thinking talent blends genres, using soundscapes filled with explosive energy and a deliberate political voice. The musicians are all first rate and the music is nothing less than spectacular.
  22. Finding My Way Home
    by Yazz Ahmed
    Finding My Way Home Finding My Way Home
    What a phenomenal debut from this lovely artist! Sensual, mesmerizing and intelligent compositions. The Arabic vibe mixed with Jazz is very moving and grabs your attention from the get go.The title track is the piece de resistance. It's beautiful, hypnotic and brilliant showcasing the incredible talent Yazz has been gifted with. Received the CD April 5th and. it sounds stunning! Bandcamp once again rocks for exposing me to extraordinary music that I would otherwise not have discovered!
  23. Child Of Somebody
    by Ross McHenry
    Sketch Sketch
    Excellent lineup of seasoned talent on this recording. With Mark de Clive-Lowe, Marcus Strickland, Corey King and Duane Eubanks you know you are in for a treat. A load of talent comes together as a well oiled machine. Smooth, clean sound that feels so good. Received the vinyl LP today April 8, 2017 and it sounds incredible! Love the work contributed by Mark de Clive-Lowe. Beautiful painting on the album cover by Lauren Bezzina. Ross McHenry created a sonic work of art.
  24. Oracolo
    by Skinshape
    Mandala Mandala
    There's something very soothing about music with a steady tempo that's not too fast and not too slow. Will Dorey is a very innovative artist, creating sounds and rythms that lend to a mood, a soundscape. He is the man behind the mirror. The first thing that caught my attention was the colorful album artwork. It compelled me to see what was inside and what a surprise and delight to my ears. They say that the remains is the best part of the day and this CD is the perfect companion for the drive home after a long work day.
  25. OMG
    by Oliver Monaco
    The Last One Left The Last One Left
    FEEL GOOD ALBUM! Amazing discovery! Mostly all original music with well crafted compositions! This young man is an incredible guitarist and has a bright future ahead. I downloaded the WAV files and burned a CD and it sounds much fuller on a good stereo system. Have it on heavy rotation and is growing on me more and more. Native Sons has a hint of early Chicago. One of my go to "feel good" albums. It should be in many more collections.
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  26. Hackney Colliery Band
    by Hackney Colliery Band
    Interpreters as well as innovators, this is not your typical brass band. There's some great sounding jazz with a whole lotta lung power! If you love horn players like I do, this is the album to have. Music you can groove to, making your spirit jump for joy. Looking forward to playing this LOUD on my stereo to experience the full throttle effect.
  27. Lund Quartet
    by Lund Quartet
    Sequoia Sequoia
    What beautiful noise! I am floored by the sounds created from this band! Very unconventional approach to Jazz with the turntable and theremin. The drummer and bassist are right on the money too. Distinct experimental heaven! Loving it and looking forward to the vinyl!
  28. Married in the Aviary
    by Chelsea Mitchell
    Married in the Aviary Married in the Aviary
    Shades of Paula Cole, Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins but simultaneously maintaining her own unique style. There's an operatic, angelic element to Chelsea's voice. Her singing is pitch-perfect. Married In The Aviary is a romantic love song that I can listen to over and over. The songs on this recording are delivered with grace, power and beauty. Be on the lookout for Chelsea's new vinyl release in April that takes her music to the next wonderful level.
  29. If I Got Mine
    by Chelsea Mitchell
    Loose Ends Loose Ends
    Strong rock solid debut from Chelsea Mitchell, who shares the same last name of music icon Joni. Loose Ends and Lovely are my 2 favorites. Loose Ends has a nice feel with the way the song drives and Lovely is simply stunning with the beautiful string arrangement. A superstar is born!
  30. All Things
    by Slowly Rolling Camera
    Unsetting Sun Unsetting Sun
    John Greenwood's review "Every Track is remarkable..." says it best. Incredible talent, powerful vocals! "Unsetting Sun" clinched the deal for me. Love the album textures, great production. I went for the vinyl, can't wait! March 6th just got the vinyl. Wow sounds incredible!
  31. Every Second In Between
    by Lili Anel
    I Don't Need You This Way I Don't Need You This Way
    Strong powerhouse vocals that can also be sweet as honey. Supposed To Be is a strong woman's declaration of independence! What a message. Love the Chromatic Harmonica playing on Can't Fall Out of Love. Great lyrics. Won't You Stay is wonderful torch song! This is songwriting at it's very best!
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    by Anne Quillier 6tet
    LE RETOUR DES SUPERHÉROS (toujours injustement méconnus) LE RETOUR DES SUPERHÉROS (toujours injustement méconnus)
    Love how Anne can go back and forth between piano and Fender Rhodes giving each song a different feeling, while playing with grace and eloquence. Saxophone and clarinet add a level of sophistication with just the right touch of drive with the drums. Loving Candy Dream and Le Retour Des Superheros so far as favorites.
  33. Out Of This World
    by Siya Makuzeni
    Brazen Dream Brazen Dream
    Love this album! She sings, scats, loops and plays trombone! The band delivers the goods too. New Age sounds similar to an Esperanza Spalding song in its delivery and that ain't a bad thing. I imagine Freddie Hubbard performing Brazen Dream. Hold On is killer! The album has a very classic Jazz vibe with a contemporary flare. Wish there was a physical CD or better yet vinyl. I will burn the WAV files and enjoy it in the car and my stereo at home. Thank you Bandcamp!
  34. Say When
    by Chelsea Mitchell
  35. Sorry
    by Chelsea Mitchell
  36. Live At The Blue Whale
    by Mark de Clive-Lowe
    Evergreen Evergreen
    Received my vinyl copy yesterday and it sounds so sweet! Feels like the band is in the room. Mark's playing on the grand piano on Evergreen is chilling. Josh Johnson on sax and flute is amazing. Just 4 tracks on this EP packs a powerful punch. The electronics are a delight. Will be playing this one a lot.
  37. Black Chamber
    by Black Chamber
    Other Days Other Days
    Very raw and moody with nice effects added for good measure. It's Jazz and a bit experimental. Great Jazz version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps. George Harrison would be proud. For the digital only albums I find the best listening experience by downloading Wav files and burning to CDR. Car or Home Stereo sounds amazing.
  38. Laughed Last (Reissue)
    by Lili Anel
    Tonight Tonight
    This is Lili Anel's first album originally released in 1994 and a big contrast in style from I Can See Bliss From Here 2013. This one tends to lean more towards singer-songwriter/folk with some touches of Jazz. I have several favorite tracks including The Wrong Time, On The Run, Baby When and Tonight. The 3 bonus tracks recorded live are a nice treat not found on the original release. Beautiful production!
  39. Kinfolk: Postcards from Everywhere
    by Nate Smith
    Bounce: pts I + II Bounce: pts I + II
    Incredible sounds going on here! Amma Whatt does a knock out job singing. Wow, blown away! Love Spinning Down, great all around playing from everyone. Bounce: Parts I & II blows it out of the water. This CD will get many repeat plays.
  40. Hi-Octane Coffee
    by Lili Anel
    Lay Down, Play Dead Lay Down, Play Dead
    Great grooving energy. The Way Out kicks off the album with a blast! Down By The Water is a great Summer time song. Ms Anel mixes reggae with rock and ballads and some great guitar work. Different from her other albums with an emphasis on Rock. Wow what a voice! Amazing, powerful pipes!
  41. Dream Again
    by Lili Anel
    If If
    Lots of emotion on this album! I have more than a few favorites. The haunting "If" with guitar and bass. What a song! Same thing with the title track. Very powerful song about wanting more from life. Temporary Amnesia and Between Me are smoking hot! Life or Death was very well written too! Lili Anel has a gift!
  42. Altadena
    by Richard Sears
    Part Two Part Two
    Coltrane inspired. Great classic sound! Each track runs into the other like links on a chain. Both Lugerner and Wolff on sax with the help of veteran drummer Albert Heath makes for a finely executed album. Excellent original, well crafted compositions from Richard Sears knocking this one out of the ball park!
    by Emma-Jean Thackray's WALRUS
    Birthday Cake Birthday Cake
    Fresh, innovative and very cool! The tuba really adds a unique element that you don't hear very often in typical Jazz records. The textures are very smooth. I wish this was a full album, it leaves you wanting more. Looking forward to the vinyl! Emma-Jean is off to a great start. Love the cover artwork too!
  44. Satellite Love
    by Giovanca
    I Will Wait I Will Wait
    R&B at it's best. I can thank Bandcamp for discovering Giovanca via Dox Records. Love the singing, the production and the overall good feeling. Her previous album Subway Silence is a MUST HAVE! The songs are very catchy. Just listen to On My Way and go from there. Great harmonies! Can anyone say Michael Jackson?
  45. Aforemention (Download & CD)
    by Tommaso Cappellato
    Fly (feat. Nia Andrews) Fly (feat. Nia Andrews)
    One of my favorite discoveries. Tommaso is obviously into spiritual enlightenment and expresses it through his music. His gift for electronics, beats mixed with Jazz is the stuff good music is made of. Like Mark de Clive-Lowe he knows all the right buttons to push so that the music reaches deep into your soul. This puts me in a good place.