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  1. Music From Two Continents
    by Cecil Taylor (feat. Stańko, Rava, Bauer, Lyons, Wright Jr., Tchicai, Hampel, Parker, Martinez
  2. Turquoise Dream
    by Marta Warelis, Carlos "Zíngaro", Helena Espvall, Marcelo dos Reis
  3. Dawn to Dusk
    by Chamber 4
  4. Live At Lokerse Jazzclub
    by Peter Jacquemyn / Dirk Serries
  5. Konstruktion#1 & 2 | Sah
    by Annette Krebs
    by Bertrand Gauguet / John Tilbury
  7. Kay-El
    by Frank Gratkowski/Achim Kaufmann/Wilbert De Joode/Yong Yandsen/Kok Siew Wai/Darren Moore
  8. Live in Matsuyama
    by Simon Nabatov/Darren Moore/Takashi Seo
  9. Sometimes Y
    by Lina Allemano Four
  10. Live at the Tranzac
    by Lina Allemano Four
  11. Pinkeye
    by Lina Allemano Four
  12. Kiss The Brain
    by Lina Allemano's Titanium Riot
  13. Glimmer Glammer, solo trumpet
    by Lina Allemano
  14. Concentric
    by Lina Allemano Four (featuring David Occhipinti)
  15. Gridjam
    by Lina Allemano Four
  16. Jargon
    by Lina Allemano Four
  17. The COVID Tapes
    by Dave Rempis with Tomeka Reid, Joshua Abrams, Tim Daisy, Tyler Damon
  18. All Your Ghosts in One Corner
    by Kuzu
  19. Sud Des Alpes
    by The Rempis Percussion Quartet
  20. The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog
    by Die Hochstapler