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  1. You Are Not Far (single)
    by Young Oceans
    This track resonates deeply with me in the time we find ourselves occupying this planet.
  2. Keeper of Days
    by Jon Guerra
    Hold On Hold On
    This is what you get when you combine sweeping artistic soundscapes with equality stunning lyrics. The end result is a work exponentially greater than the sum of its parts.

    In short, it's a must-have album for 2020. Best enjoyed in the early morning with a good set of headphones.
  3. Peace To All Who Enter Here
    by Josh Garrels
  4. To Believe
    by The Cinematic Orchestra
    A Promise (feat. Heidi Vogel) A Promise (feat. Heidi Vogel)
    This album is a must-buy. Whether you're listening in the car or on headphones, this album is the perfect accomplishment. Simply press play on the first track and ride the whole way through.
  5. To Believe (Remixes)
    by The Cinematic Orchestra
  6. Together
    by Message To Bears & Will Samson
    A surprise release from Message to Bears what's not to love? The fact that it was composed in only eight days, amazing!
  7. Peopled With Dreams
    by John Mark McMillan
    Hammering Heart Hammering Heart
    JMM doesn't hold back, and his latest album proves it. You know it's a great album when it's hard to pick a favorite track from the list, there are so many stand outs.
  8. Lower River
    by Michael A. Muller
    Fixed Shadow Fixed Shadow
    Dim the lights, press play, and allow yourself to enter into a new world.

    Michael's ability to beautifully balance between the ambient and post-rock genres shows his unquestioned musical mastery.
  9. Love is a Garden
    by Zach Winters
    After a long day at work, and busy home full of children, this is the type album you put on in the evenings as you sit down next to your wife and unwind. Wonderful lyrics, beautiful music.
  10. Songs of Christmas (Deluxe)
    by Young Oceans
    Young Oceans is one of the very few bands in which their lyrical music and instrumental music are both equally stellar.

    This is no small feat, and requires amazing skill and attention to detail.
  11. Skate (feat. Saint Sinner) (pluko Remix)
    by Tycho featuring Saint Sinner & Saint Sinner
  12. Pink & Blue (Instrumental)
    by Tycho
  13. Japan (Instrumental)
    by Tycho
    Scott's music is amazing, but his instrumental tracks really show his musical mastery best.
  14. Pink & Blue (RAC Mix)
    by Tycho
  15. Silencia
    by Hammock
    The last few Hammock releases have explored the dark areas of life.

    This album expresses the process of coming out of those dark times, and each track contains an uplifting element of hope.

    Classic Hammock, simply beautiful!
  16. Undercurrents
    by Hammock
  17. Chrysaline
    by Josh Garrels
    Evangeline Evangeline
    Sonically rich, beautifully orchestrated, lyrically deep, and what a finale!
  18. Constants
    by Message To Bears
    Rescue Rescue
    I don't know how Jerome Alexander manages to do it, but every single Message to Bears album is a must-have, and his latest work, Constants, is no exception. Buy it, put on a good set of headphones and be transported to a new world.
  19. Weather
    by Tycho
    Into The Woods Into The Woods
    Lyrics on a Tycho album? Whoa! Definitely a departure from other albums, but it still has the same amazing Tycho signature sound. It's a perfect driving album.

    My only complaint is the album is not very long.
  20. Kiasmos
    by Kiasmos
    Bent Bent
    I absolutely love how the sonic scene continues to build as the album progresses. You really must listen to it from start to finish to appreciate the beauty.