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  1. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  2. 1000 gecs
    by 100 gecs, Dylan Brady & Laura Les
  3. Cruel Magic
    by Satan
  4. Weighing Souls With Sand (2018 Plotkin remaster)
    by The Angelic Process
  5. Deathconsciousness
    by Have a Nice Life
  6. Menschenmühle
    by Kanonenfieber
  7. Über den Sternen
    by Empyrium
  8. Grave of a Dog
    by Sightless Pit
    by The Armed
    Untitled was one of my favorite albums. Then ONLY LOVE came along and I didn't really get it. but when I saw this I bought the pre-purchase because I believe no one could make a perfect album and just suck. It wasn't that ONLY LOVE sucked, it just was too much. So could they turn what they were doing into another brilliant album?

    oh yes. the faith, my friends, has been rewarded. this is fantastic. indescribable. perfection.
  10. Old Nick - No Solace In Sunlight
    by Old Nick
  11. Old Nick - The Night Of The Ambush And The Pillage By The Queen Ann Styl'd Furniture, Animated By One Of The Dozen Or So Spells That Thee Eastern Vampyre Has Studied (T.N.O.T.A.A.T.P.B.T.Q.A.S.F.A.B.O.O.T.D.O.S.S.T.T.E.V.H.S)
    by Old Nick
  12. Maere
    by Harakiri for the Sky
  13. The Thule Grimoires
    by The Ruins Of Beverast
  14. Mathreyata
    by Dark Buddha Rising
  15. Proclamation ov the Black Suns
    by Dkharmakhaoz
    You can feel the Behemoth influence but "she" is quite a different manner of beast compared to Nergal. It has a menacing feeling and is in no way triumphant. Very good stuff.
  16. Uinuos Syömein Sota
    by Havukruunu
    If "Leeeeeroy Jeeeeenkins!" was an album. But in a good way, not a funny way.
  17. None So Vile
    by Cryptopsy
    Still sounds better than most of the DM out right now.
  18. Rope Sect - The Great Flood
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
    The Underground Paradise The Underground Paradise
    Love the vocals. There's just something happy-go-lucky/dreadful about this whole great album.
  19. Hard to Stop
    by High Spirits
    Hard to Stop them from rocking
  20. Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic | Cenozoic
    by The Ocean
    there are some very memorable moments on this album, its a worth successor to phanerozoic I.