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  1. Heavy Heart EP
    by mothica
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    Mark My Words Mark My Words
    The songs are catchy and the rhythmic beats inspire hip-sashaying action, but what makes this album really stand out is the silky gravitas of the vocals that delivers in equal parts defiance and despair.
  2. A New Kind Of Army (AF005)
    by Anti-Flag
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    Tearing Everyone Down Tearing Everyone Down
    A rowdy, punchy punk rock album filled to the brim with powerful political messages and incisive commentary on the state of the punk music scene that gets its many points across without becoming didactic or preachy.
  3. Future Suture
    by Ned Collette
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    Winter Holiday Winter Holiday
    Somehow softer and more tranquil Ned Collette's other albums (all of which are successful exercises in serenity), this album doubles down on introspection, worldly analysis, and the exploration of poetic meaning through soothing folk music. The perfect album for slowing down and catching your breath.
  4. Mythic EP
    by mothica
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    No One No One
  5. Out Of It
    by mothica
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    by Carpenter Brut
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    Looking For Tracy Tzu Looking For Tracy Tzu
    Through serendipity, "Looking For Tracy Tzu" happened to be playing in a used video store while I was browsing, and after failing to stop myself from rocking out in the middle of the store, I made sure to track down and buy this collection of songs. All of the songs are excellent for nighttime drives when you need to increase your badass level by exactly two hundred per cent.
  7. The Hollow
    by Scrimshire
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    Through A Window Through A Window
    As smooth as butter and as warm as warmed butter, this album is delightful like a well-buttered roll in that it melts in your mouth and nourishes you, although on a spiritual level. Simply put - an utter joy to listen to.
  8. Firewatch Original Score
    by Chris Remo
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    Ol' Shoshone Ol' Shoshone
  9. I Could Be Girl For You
    by Aan
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    Sunday Sunday
    Words such as "unique" and "creative" do not even begin to scratch the surface when attempting to describing Aan's distinctive sound. Once you start the album, you simply cannot stop listening.
  10. Jokes & Trials
    by Ned Collette
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    The Laughter Across The Street The Laughter Across The Street
    Sincere, quiet, and touching. Ned Collette evokes nostalgia with beautiful melodies, gentle instrumentals, and his effortless vocals. Atmospherically, it brings you back to a serene Sunday afternoon; to a time when you were able to just sit and lose yourself in your thoughts.
  11. Bloom
    by Force Publique
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    Feel Feel
    A contemporary take on the shoegaze genre, this album blends its synth with sublime vocals to achieve an eerie, intricate effect. This album is certain to delight both the fans of 90's shoegaze and of modern electronic-pop.
  12. Beautiful California
    by Great Horned Owl
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    Early Spring Early Spring
    Love how the vocals work in tandem with the guitar. Vibrant imagery and rich emotion. Great for doing homework to!
  13. the Glow pt. 2
    by the Microphones
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    the Glow pt. 2 the Glow pt. 2
    Before anything else, this album is an adventure. The abstract framework and compelling lyricism come together to create a journey through an authentic human experience. This is one album you must listen to all the way through for maximum effect.
  14. Blamer EP
    by Tennyson
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    The Usual Mr. Nordin The Usual Mr. Nordin
    Incredible production and memorable beats are found on every track. If you are looking for something that sounds simply astounding, look no further - I don't think it can get much better than this.
  15. The Garden Novels
    by Your Hand In Mine
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    Desert Flags Desert Flags
    Magical. Brimming with emotional melodies, you cannot escape the whimsical allure of this album once you start it. Although every track on this album is special, "Desert Flags" deserves notable recognition for its breathtaking charm and complex structure.
  16. No Makeup
    by Summer Cannibals
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    Don't Think Don't Think
    A fantastic rock album that does not hold back. The skilled instrumental work and strong vocals complement one another in a way that is somehow simultaneously graceful and ferocious.
  17. Hustle and Drone
    by Hustle and Drone
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    Echo Echo
    You can tell that this group really loves making music, as each track is a flawless exercise in electronic production. This whole album seeps in impeccable attention to detail.
  18. Tennyson
    by Tennyson
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    False Enemy (of Mary Tudor) False Enemy (of Mary Tudor)
    Perhaps their "darkest" (foremost in terms of sound, but also in regards to content) work yet, Tennyson's music has matured both in style and complexity. Seemingly inspired by the Wars of the Roses, the songs on this album are appropriately stirring yet haunting.
  19. Amor Ad Nauseum
    by Aan
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    I Don't Need Love I Don't Need Love
    Unique, dripping with flavour, and effectively poignant at times, this album is a remarkable combination of power and heart. Aan is the very definition of "experimental," as their no-holds-barred sound is unlike anything else you've heard before.
  20. Unmechanical
    by wrench
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    I Heart You I Heart You
    A catchy, bold album that is also very layered. The songs borrow elements from a plethora of genres, and they are mixed in a way that grabs your attention and surprises you with what it will do next.
  21. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
    by Austin Wintory
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    The Assassin Two-Step The Assassin Two-Step
    A great soundtrack that captures the feeling of Victorian London and the sanguine mood of Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.