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Jason Frey

  1. Bandon, Oregon
  2. Metal
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  1. Aphasia
    by James Norbert Ivanyi
    Resolute Enmity Resolute Enmity
  2. JASON X: The Lost Tunes
    by Mean Bunny
    X Is The Loneliest Number X Is The Loneliest Number
    appears in 1 other collection
  3. Reality Check (DATA048)
    by Wojciech Golczewski
    The Puppets Dream The Puppets Dream
  4. Classic Themes Redux EP
    by John Carpenter
    Halloween Halloween
  5. WolfCop Soundtrack
    by Shooting Guns
    Barn Burner Barn Burner
  6. Thrash til Death 86-87
    by Slaughter Lord
    Destructor Destructor
  7. Lost Themes Remixed
    by John Carpenter
    Purgatory (Prurient Remix) Purgatory (Prurient Remix)
  8. FEZ OST
    by Disasterpeace
    Adventure Adventure
  9. Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
    by Christian Muenzner
    Shadow Over Innsmouth Shadow Over Innsmouth
    Christian Muenzner is a musical genius in every way. This album is a masterpiece, pure cosmic genius, with everything one would want from instrumental music. The production is impeccable, some of the best I've ever heard. The keyboards are sublime. The lineup is phenomenal.
    • Christian Muenzner – guitar
    • Terry Syrek - lead guitar on track 2
    • Jimmy Pitts – keyboards
    • Linus Klausenitzer – bass
    • Hannes Grossmann – drums
    • Danny Tunker – lead guitar on track 1
    • Per Nilsson – producer, mastering
  10. "Rik L Rik" Split
    by Cat Party / La Corde
    Reflection or Illusion Reflection or Illusion
  11. FRANKENSHRED "Into The Lab Vol. 1: Frankenshred"
    by Metal On Metal Records
    Igor's Revenge Igor's Revenge
    appears in 1 other collection
  12. Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night
    by Klaus Badelt and Andrew Raiher
    Meet Dylan Meet Dylan