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Sock Cop

  1. Mobile, Alabama
  2. Funk
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  1. Made for This
    by Boots
  2. 1000 Days After
    by A Note Two Self
  3. Robert in the Soil
    by Wax Cannon
  4. Jazz Collective
    by Barry Turner, Jack Casey.
    by The Anti-Queens
  6. Lightning Bolts! Lightning Bolts!
    by RP - Rob Potylo
  7. Ocarina of Time
    by Super Guitar Bros
  8. Small Town
    by HeartMouth
  9. Nothing At All (feat. Patrick Wilkins)
    by HeartMouth
  10. Sinking Room
    by HeartMouth
  11. Medically Necessary
    by Weird Paul Petroskey
  12. Pile
    by A Giant Dog
    by GUPPY
  14. Small Stone Records / Classic Rock 2014
    by Various Artists
  15. Toy
    by A Giant Dog
  16. Thick Cuts
    by The Handsome Scoundrels
    Sweetie Pox Sweetie Pox
    This album is basically pure happiness in a pizza box. Even better than an actual pizza in a box. Pop punk at its finest!
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  17. CIRCUS
    by Circus
  18. Fretless
    by Jack Casey
  19. Simulating the Act Of Love
    by The Weird Paul Rock Band
  21. Jim Barry Rémy Jack
    by Bass Guy
  22. Bass Guy - THERAPY
  23. Nice Day
    by Kitten Grenade
  24. Still Going Strong
    by Weird Paul Petroskey
    This Guy's Got a Bone Disease This Guy's Got a Bone Disease
    Paul makes music that is so catchy and rad, it's like a shot of endorphins straight to your brain. Some people may not get it, but those who do (like me) are treated to a life changing experience. Every time I listen to these songs, it inspires me to spread happiness and love to the world, and makes me realize I'm not alone.
    Weird Paul is an American treasure, and we are all lucky to exist in a time where this exists. 10/10.
  25. III
    by Sasquatch
  26. IV
    by Sasquatch
  27. I
    by Sasquatch
  28. II
    by Sasquatch
  29. RushmoreFL/The Handsome Scoundrels
    by RushmoreFL/The Handsome Scoundrels
  30. Seek
    by Season & Snare
  31. I Never Wanted
    by Season & Snare
    Excellent song by excellent people. They carry the same energy whether they are playing as a duo or with a full band. They are going to be headlining big festivals anytime now, so go see them play in small spaces while you can.
  32. Kitten Grenade
    by Kitten Grenade
  33. STOP
  34. Why Her?
    by The Handsome Scoundrels
    by Bass Guy