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  1. Santa Rosa, California
  2. Experimental
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  1. Black Encyclopedia of the Air
    by Moor Mother
  2. Apocalypse
    by Bill Callahan
  3. Habibi Funk 015: An eclectic selection from the Arab world, part 2
    by Various Artists
  4. Marlowe 2
    by Marlowe (L'Orange & Solemn Brigham)
  5. South Sinner Street
    by Solemn Brigham
  6. Qalaq
    by Jerusalem In My Heart
  7. American Spirit
    by John FM
  8. A Color of the Sky
    by Lightning Bug
  9. Heisei No Oto: Japanese Left-field Pop From The CD Age, 1989-1996 (digital version)
    by Various Artists
  10. Naujawanan Baidar
    by Naujawanan Baidar
  11. Inner Song Remix Series
    by Kelly Lee Owens
  12. Monsterra Peligro
    by Monsterra
  13. la música que sacudió al mundo
    by juanrutina
  14. 台灣謎景 Music from Taiwan Mystery
    by Mong Tong 夢東
  15. EP 1
    by Elliott Yorke
  16. Color De Tropico Vol 2 Compiled by El Drágon Criollo & El Palmas
    by El Palmas Music
  17. Double Down
    by Nappy Nina, JWords
    Table Set Table Set
  18. Course In Fable
    by Ryley Walker
  19. Habibi Funk 007: An eclectic selection of music from the Arab world
    by Various Artists
  20. My Own (Bandcamp Exclusive)
    by Kelly Lee Owens