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  1. Someday Is Today
    by Derlee
    Monday AM Monday AM
    As usual, these are all great tracks, so hard to choose from just one. Have been waiting a long, long time for some new material from Derlee! It's the perfect Christmas Present.
  2. French Remix
    by Dyalla
  3. As She Left
    by Dyalla
  4. Nostalgia Visions
  5. Lipphead Remixed
    by Lipphead
  6. Pastel Demos
    by Pastel Blue
  7. Wishes
    by The Bird And The Bee
  8. Quit the Curse
    by Anna Burch
  9. Gudina
  10. Winter Heart EP
    by Sway
  11. Cinema
    by The Northern Two
  12. Us Girls (Single)
    by Sway
  13. Against The Current EP + Instrumentals
    by Des Brennan & Derlee
  14. Love in the Void
    by Hammock
  15. Memories and the Sky
    by Goodbye Ranger
    We Collide We Collide
    Shades of Cocteau Twins and nods to Slowdive and yet presents wonderfully as it's own entity. Every track is very good or better.
    I'm torn between the title track and the track We Collide as to which is my favourite.
  16. Georgia Hathaway EP
    by Georgia Hathaway
    Pretty Little Shoes Pretty Little Shoes
    Wonderful modern folk music.
  17. I'm a Sensory Explosion (Featuring Lumenette)
    by Hammock
  18. Asleep in the Downlights
    by Hammock, Steve Kilbey & timEbandit Powles
    No Agenda (featuring Steve Kilbey) No Agenda (featuring Steve Kilbey)
    Steve's vocals set a wonderful mood for this album, not just the song.
  19. Departure Songs
    by Hammock
    Ten Thousand Years Won't Save Your Life Ten Thousand Years Won't Save Your Life
    Every song is amazing!
  20. Everything and Nothing
    by Hammock
    Glassy Blue Glassy Blue
    Every track of theirs is just gold! All of their music works for any situation you have.