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  1. Bird's Robe Records sampler (Pay What You Want)
    by Bird's Robe Records
  2. Live At The Triffid
    by The Smith Street Band
  3. Mending Breaking
    by Introvert
  4. Gift Of Sacrifice (out 5/15/2020)
    by King Buzzo (with Trevor Dunn)
  5. these are not your dreams (EP trilogy)
    by sleepmakeswaves
  6. 12 Years With You LIVE!
    by Cog
  7. Just Visiting
    by cog
  8. Open Up
    by cog
  9. Grinding Gears, Vol. 2
    by Rabea Massaad
  10. Corpse Flower
    by Mike Patton, Jean-Claude Vannier
  11. The Fearless Flyers II
    by The Fearless Flyers
  12. The Fearless Flyers
    by The Fearless Flyers
  13. Why Don’t You Just
    by Bec Stevens
  14. Bubblegum
    by Kevin Devine
  15. Dust & Disquiet
    by Caspian
  16. Hollow Be My Name
    by Eleventh He Reaches London
  17. Drawn Together
    by Cog
  18. Oh God There Is So Much Love In Me
    by Kelso
  19. Glitter
    by Kelso
  20. All At Once
    by Screaming Females
  21. Ancient Geometry
    by VEXES
  22. Stay
    by Luca Brasi
  23. DOUBLE A 7 INCH ala digital
    by regurgitator
  24. Duality
    by Fifth Dawn
  25. Dead Cross (EP)
    by Dead Cross
  26. Altered States
    by Cog
  27. Purge
    by High Tension
  28. Ghost To Ghost
    by High Tension
  29. Let It Slip
    by Luca Brasi
  30. Never See It Coming
    by Like Thieves
  31. Another Language
    by This Will Destroy You
  32. Brief Habits
    by Brief Habits
  33. Grinding Gears
    by Rabea Massaad
  34. Purplene
    by Purplene
  35. December
    by Introvert
  36. The Middle
    by Cog
  37. Dead Cross
    by Dead Cross
  38. Gotta Go
    by Kelso
  39. Camp Cope - Audiotree Live
    by CAMP COPE
  40. Kelso
    by Kelso
  41. Got to Give
    by Luca Brasi
  42. Made of Breath Only
    by sleepmakeswaves
  43. Crystal Fairy
    by Crystal Fairy
  44. Camp Cope / Cayetana Split
    by Camp Cope
  45. Keep Growing
    by CAMP COPE