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  1. Lapland, Finland
  2. Metal
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  1. Jumalansa Tappaneet
    by Kasvoton
  2. an Gorta Mór
    by Olde Throne
  3. Vala Comum
  4. Esoteric Ritual - Possessed
    by Worm Moon Records
  5. Paimon - Offerings to the Great Plague
    by Worm Moon Records
  6. Catacomb Cult
  7. Ascending Into Perdition
    by Darvaza
  8. Sielunsoahti
    by Ruohtta
    In Lapland we trust Ruohtta. Hail Ruohtta!
  9. Poison Palinopsia
    by Qrixkuor
  10. Of Soil Unearthed
    by Deathcult
  11. Sacrificial Chants
    by Beastiality
  12. Ascent Through Morbid Transcendence
    by Sépulcre
  13. Nocturnal Triumph - s/t
    by Amor Fati Productions
  14. Geist und Hexerei
    by ERNTE
  15. The Nightwinds Carried our Names
    by Nefandus
  16. Monument In Black
    by Sonic Reign
  17. Hädangången
    by Svältvinter
  18. Swarming Darkness
    by Slutvomit
  19. Al-Khem-Me
    by Lucifericon
  20. The Triclavian Advent
    by Sacrilegia