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  1. Mysteria
    by Klimeks
    Fantasma Fantasma
    The sheer quality of this album is fantastic. Every song is masterfully crafted, definitely worth the listen.
  2. Excursions
    by C418
  3. Odyssey (Vinyl Edition)
    by HOME
  4. Clear Tamei
    by Iglooghost
  5. Steel Mogu
    by Iglooghost
  6. Synesthetica
    by Radiation City
  7. Tidal Motion
    by Klimeks
  8. Love Dream Infinite
    by Klimeks
  9. Odyssey
    by Klimeks
  10. Dreamscape '95
    by Klimeks
  11. Foreign Buyers Club
    by Klasey Jones
    Yoko & Ano Yoko & Ano
    really loving this sound
  12. Plastician Presents - Wavepool 2
    by Various Artists
    Darkest Hour Darkest Hour
    wave ftw
  13. Yusoul Vol 2
    by Yusoul Records
    Anubis - Adiaphorous Anubis - Adiaphorous
    you guys really out did yourselves. beautiful compilation
  14. wave 003
    by wavemob
    Ultra Ultra
    another fantastic album by the best music collective in the U.K.
  15. Light Trails
    by Deadcrow
    Blade Blade
    one of my newest favorites. been listening on repeat all day. <3
  16. Terminal
    by SKULS
    1501 1501
    been listening to this EP for a while now, love all of it. SKULS deserves way more exposure!
  17. ✧ Let Go
    by Yedgar
    Asura Asura
  18. Sacred EP
    by Sorsari
    Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher
    awesome ablum Sorsari!! Love your sound <3
  19. Harbor LP
    by tomppabeats
    Rainy Mood Rainy Mood
    some of the best beats and collection of songs i've ever heard! thanks tomppabeats!
  20. 2 0 8 0 8
    by Noah B
    r e - c r e a t i on r e - c r e a t i on
    love this album!