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  1. The Spark
    by Kevin Heider
  2. Eurus
    by The Oh Hellos
    Eurus Eurus
    Listen for the Leitmotifs. Who else puts Leitmotifs in their music? This is the intelligence, scope, quality, and attention to artistry that I like to see.
  3. Notos
    by The Oh Hellos
    Constellations Constellations
    Every song these guys write is a new surprise that doesn't disappoint. I have never been disappointed by Maggie and Tyler. Ever. They don't even write mediocre songs. They're all delightful, every one of them.
  4. Strange Fire
    by LEVV
  5. Dear Wormwood
    by The Oh Hellos
    Exeunt Exeunt
    Character development. The Oh Hellos make an impressive display of developing their own personal style, refining and maturing without losing their unrepeatable feel. They're definitely still the Oh Hellos, just better, somehow without even diminishing the glory of their early work.
  6. Happy Birthday!
    by Tyler Heath, Maggie Heath
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  7. Through the Deep, Dark Valley
    by The Oh Hellos
    In Memoriam In Memoriam
    This is a piece of art. GOOD art, a rare find.
  8. The Oh Hellos
    by The Oh Hellos
    Lay Me Down Lay Me Down
  9. The Oh Hellos' Family Christmas Album
    by The Oh Hellos