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  1. 殞煞 二 Vengeful Spectre II
    If their previous release and the preview track are anything to go by, this is gonna be one heck of an album. I anticipate it eagerly.
  2. The Ground Collapses
    The main thing I'd tend to disbelieve is how unknown Disbelief seem to remain, despite having been around for quite a while now. I first heard of them back probably in 2011, and I have barely seen mention of them ever since 😕
  3. Sorcier Des Glaces
    by Sorcier Des Glaces
    French-Canadians making music even icier than the northern reaches of their homeland. I very much mean that as a compliment.
  4. Zeitgeist : Dystopia
    by Magoth
    Magoth seem to be one of those bands whose profile is lower than deserved. This is straight up a good album, I don't understand why it doesn't appear in ten times as many collections.
  5. A Life Not Worth Living
    by Death Karma
    One of Death Karma's albums was one of my very first Bandcamp purchases. Not only have I never forgotten the band's name, I haven't stopped listening to them reasonably regularly.
  6. S/T
    by Regarde Les Hommes Tomber
  7. 1557 - Rites of Nullification
    by Mephorash
    I just so happened to listen to this on YouTube the other day, and it reminded me of just how good Mephorash are at their best.
  8. Inevitable
    by NONE
    Uh, yeah, it's NONE. Perhaps my favourite-ever DSBM act. This one is pretty much a no-brainer pre-order for me.
  9. Der Füsilier
    by Kanonenfieber
    As others have said, Kannonenfieber isn't exactly a project that's always pushing boundaries. But geez does Noise know how to do some stonking black metal, though.
  10. Fetus Factory
    by Transgressive
  11. Defenestrate the Magistrate
    by Transgressive
    This reminds me of Exodus at their best. I hate to think just how much effort and energy went into this track. It'd be a LOT. The result was worth it, though.
  12. Seize the Means of Reproduction
    by Transgressive
  13. Extreme Transgression
    by Transgressive
    I suppose if you're some sort of complete loser, you might be allergic to Transgressive's political message(s) (in which case, you're probably in the wrong sub-genre anyway). If you're not a total chump, however, then you'll get this album no matter your political leanings because it's FREAKING GOOD Thrash.
  14. Death Kult Over Black Congregation II
    by Pest Productions
    I don't love everything Pest Productions puts out, but there unquestionably have been some great releases.
  15. 殞煞 Vengeful Spectre
    Top-notch up-tempo black metal. The infrequent elements of (I assume) traditional Chinese music complement the album well, rather than bring it down.
  16. Towards The Emerald Empire
    I already had this on my wishlist, but somehow ended up listening to it again. Much like for Dave Aftandilian, that guitar playing near the end of 'Emerald Empire' was just irresistible to me. Looking forward to hearing the rest! :)
  17. The Raven's Lament
    An album from the musician behind NordicWinter, but with much less of a DSBM bent, and much more of a 'traditional' mid-to-high tempo black metal bent. Ov Shadows is the closest reference point I can think of right now. Unsurprisingly, given the creator, this is a stonking EP.
  18. Tales of Pyhamis Land
    It's definitely a mouthful, but I think "epic symphonic folk black metal" does describe this fairly well. If that sounds like it could appeal to you, absolutely check this out. 'Tis good.
  19. SAT190: Utburd - The Horrors Untold (2018)
    by Satanath Records
    Satanath's daily promo email worked! It brought this album to my attention, and I liked it so much I decided to buy it and a few other Satanath releases while I was at it 💸

    I'm struggling to think of a useful comparison right now, but this is definitely good black metal :)
  20. SAT061: Borow - The Pnakotic Manuscript (2013)
    by Satanath Records