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  1. Into the Cave of Ordeals...
    by Molde Volhal
    Through Everlasting Halls (Triumphant Return to The Keep of Moldé Volhal) Through Everlasting Halls (Triumphant Return to The Keep of Moldé Volhal)
    I don't know who Molde Volhal the musician is, nor what the Keep of Molde Volhal may be. I do know, however, that this is one heck of an EP. The guitar lead half-way through 'Through Everlasting Halls' really sealed the deal for me.
  2. Desespoir
    by Vaermina
    I suppose you could (try to) argue that Vaermina is something of a successor to Exiled From Light, in that it's top-notch Kiwi DSBM. Whether you think that or not, the fact that this is made by a fellow NZer wasn't the only reason I opened my wallet instantly. It's just plain darn good, that's really the key.
  3. The Ghost of Heritage
    by Winterfylleth
  4. The Siege of Mercia
    by Winterfylleth
  5. One & All, Together, For Home (Folk)
    by Winterfylleth
  6. The Threnody of Triumph (Remastered)
    by Winterfylleth
  7. The Mercian Sphere
    by Winterfylleth
    I actually like this album so much, I have now bought it twice. The first time was with Candlelight Records back in the day, but now it's no longer on my Bandcamp collection since Candlelight decided to delete one of their label accounts without warning... Thus, my repurchasing it now.
  8. Latch To A Grave
    by Winterfylleth
  9. The Reckoning Dawn (Deluxe Edition)
    by Winterfylleth
    In case you were beginning to wonder, this album starts out heavy, reassuring any doubting fans that Winterfylleth in fact still very much remember the 'black metal' part of their loose affiliation with atmospheric black metal. The album *perhaps* softens from there, but retains the usual Winterfylleth charm.
  10. The Hallowing Of Heirdom
    by Winterfylleth
  11. The Divination of Antiquity
    by Winterfylleth
  12. The Dark Hereafter
    by Winterfylleth
  13. Rising of the Winter Full Moon [2007 Demo]
    by Winterfylleth
  14. The Reckoning Dawn (Standard Edition)
    by Winterfylleth
  15. The Gates
    by Winterfylleth
  16. Hiraeth
    by Sadness/Soulless/In Autumnus/Grief & Bliss
    Including this album, I have probably still made fewer than 10 instant purchases (i.e. ones where I have bought the album as soon as I have heard it once) in my whole time on Bandcamp. This album is just that good.
  17. The Black Tower
    by Sons of Crom
  18. Vittra
    by Skogen
  19. Ruinen
    by Waldgeflüster
  20. I Am
    by Armagedda