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  1. Plastic Utopia
    by Japan Soul
    Nosara Nosara
    Art-funk, sophisti-pop and new wave rolled into a heady, provocative and deliciously listenable sonic package.
  2. The Smaller Deaths
    by Newmanov Transmission
  3. Music For Girls
    by Music For Girls
    She’s Gone She’s Gone
    appears in 1 other collection
  4. Soul Food
    by Japan Seoul
    Weird World Weird World
    appears in 1 other collection
  5. Being
    by Mozart's Sister
    Enjoy Enjoy
  6. Out At The Deep End
    by Superstructure
    Atlantis Atlantis
    This EP hits the soul spot...deep. brilliant synth arrangement.
  7. My First Car
    by Vulfpeck
    Wait for the Moment Wait for the Moment
    A masterfully done warm soul song. Great, memorable lines in this one. The vocalist steals the show (which is no small feat in a Vulpeck song!)
  8. Back In Brown
    by Thermite
    Dick In A Wheelchair Dick In A Wheelchair
    I'm a sucker for good song titles. And even more so when the songs are a match in excellence like Thermite's Back in Brown.
  9. Go.
    by Michael Harren
  10. Blank Paper - EP
    by Blank Paper
    My Drum My Drum
    In a crowded field of synth-pop bands Blank Paper are simply doing it better. Love this.
  11. Young Yeller
    by Young Yeller
    war war
  12. The Sweep
    by Natureboy
    A Flame A Flame
    It's just beautiful. This album aches in such a good way.
  13. Mirage - Single
    by Cloud Seeding
    Mirage (feat. Alexa Wilding) Mirage (feat. Alexa Wilding)
  14. Anonymous Unanimous
    by Two Twins
    Thomas Thomas
  15. night visions
    by evan^patrick
    Hard Hard
    The brilliance of these songs is so clearly expressed in powerful songwriting hooks and inspiring instrumentation. It's simultaneously futuristic and retro. And it's also beautiful.