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Jan Jackson

  1. Gunnislake, UK
  2. Experimental
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  1. Future Past Present
    by Ducklingmonster
  2. Schism
    by Cheryl E. Leonard
    Schism Schism
    I sing the body electric. In these strange, stretched out, targetted days, the mix of of what we can touch and experience is muddled. A little but country, a little bit city. My laptop talks to me, while outside the bees collect pollen. Hiding in plain sight, with breath held, we wait for the exhale.
  3. Chocolate, Candy, Love and Dreams
    by Kraus
  4. Interior Castle
    by Kraus
  5. Deep Motion Trips
    by Polypores & Gareth E. Rees
    A little slice of modernist mediation for the urban traveller (mind-based, in these COVID-contstrained times). Echoes of Colin Wilson.
  6. Golitha Falls
    by Trace Imprint
  7. Accidental Punk
    by N. T. Honey
  8. Bold Mould
    by Olympus
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  9. Raft
    by Pumice
  10. Champagne and Horns
    by Roger
  11. Berlin
    by Roger
  12. The Best Bit (2020)
    by Māpura Music
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  13. The birth of a cyborg
    by tujuh kuda
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  14. Coming Over Here Feat. Stewart Lee
    by Asian Dub Foundation
  15. Platelets
    by Pumice
  16. A Golden Brain
    by Kraus
    by Stefan Neville / The Doll
    FORTYFIVE brings together two of my favourite artists. Part 1 is contemplative electro-medieval, spiced with hints of temple moments, and left/right conversations, which we observe from a respectful distance. We are anchored by stones. Change is counted while a drummer performs somewhere close by, starting an insistence conversation with a more irregular companion.
  18. Table
    by Pumice
  19. NO
    by Boris
  20. The Futurians: "Boombox!"
    by chemical imbalance.