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  1. THE BELLICOSE MINDS The Buzz Or Howl Sessions
    by A389-132
  2. Various Artists 02
    by Carcères Records
    Hymn Of Despair Hymn Of Despair
  3. Angels Gather Here, Confined (Full of Hell Remix)
    by Confines
  4. Glory of Romance [VOX 21 CD]
    by Nouvelle Phénomène
    Cruel Game Cruel Game
    Beautiful record. Cruel Game makes me dance every time. Love it.
  5. Hermanas de la Oscuridad
    by KURRAKÄ
  6. Caesarean Tapestries
    by Bleach Birth
  7. Opus Tenebris
    by Horror Vacui
  8. Video Club - EP
    by Mascarpone
  9. Taboo
    by The Objects
  10. Fainting Spells
    by Fainting Spells
  11. Love Loss
    by Fainting Spells
    Asphyxia Asphyxia
  12. Spreading Plague
    by I Hate Models
  13. Night Danger
    by Alien Boys
    Mother Chaos Mother Chaos
  14. Absence
    Cadence Cadence
    Milliken Chamber never disappoints. 🖤
  15. A Pact with the Devil LP
    by Catholic Spit
  16. Catholic Spit/ Generacion Suicida Split 7"
    by Catholic Spit
  17. I'm Your God Now bw/ Die Alone EP
    by Catholic Spit
  18. Delirium (Original Edit)
    by Ad Vitam
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. Ugly Songs For Ugly People
    by Slimy Member
  20. Requiem
    by Shadow To Ashes
  21. Detonation EP
    by Shadow To Ashes
    Detonation Detonation
  22. 7"
    by Black Catholics
    Psychic Vampires Psychic Vampires
  23. 7"
    by Black Catholics
    Psychic Vampires Psychic Vampires
  24. Breeding Feeling / Draw The Line
    by Current Affairs
  25. Masses
    by MASSES
  26. Midnight Cowboy
    by Modern Heaven
    Farewell Farewell
    Absolutely beautiful. It's hard to pick a favorite song. 🖤
  27. Sacrifice
    by Angels of Suicide
    Dark Lust (Feat. Hex) Dark Lust (Feat. Hex)
  28. Athens Cave Sessions
    by Crimson Scarlet
    by lié
    Sorry Sorry
  30. Self-Critical Theory
    by Alien Boys
  31. Hounds
    by lié
  32. Hounds
    by lié
  33. Mournography
  34. The Fair Sex - Not Now, Not Here (S.U.B)
    by Various Artists
  35. Horde Mentality EP
    by MASSES
    Intolerance Intolerance
  36. Dissociative Prosthetic
    by Paralyze
    Initial Isolation Initial Isolation
  37. Wild In Wildlife
    by Ulterior
    Dream Dream Dream Dream
  38. "No somos máquinas"
    by Frío y Vacío
    "No somos máquinas" "No somos máquinas"
  39. Demo
    by Cruz de Navajas
  40. Cold Tears of an Angel (Remastered)
    by Hoffen
    Two headed hydra Two headed hydra
  41. Cold tears of an angel (DEMO)
    by Hoffen
    Two headed hydra Two headed hydra
  42. The Agony in Memory
    by Garden of Mary
    Graveflower Graveflower
  43. What Has Been Now
    by Bat Nouveau
    Wreckage Wreckage
  44. Careful
  45. The Hearth
    by Creux Lies
    Silhouette Silhouette