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  1. Reflections of a Floating World
    by Elder
    Blind Blind
    Holy smokes! These guys just keep getting better with each new release! This album rips hard and is a freaking musical journey.
  2. DEMO
    by Coalspeak
    Shadow Casting Shadow Casting
    Next level shit. We need more bands like this in the Lehigh valley!
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  3. Lennud Saatana Dimensioonis
    by Estoner
    Teleporteerumine Teleporteerumine
  4. The Pangs of our Covenant
    by Black Urn
    Bushmaster Bushmaster
  5. Sleep's Holy Mountain (Full Dynamic Range Edition)
    by Sleep
    Dragonaut Dragonaut
  6. Conan - Monnos
    by Conan
    Hawk As Weapon Hawk As Weapon
  7. Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack
    by Jake Kaufman
    Main Theme Main Theme
  8. Trigger Warning
    by Bereave
    Misery Machine (feat. Kevin of Old Wounds) Misery Machine (feat. Kevin of Old Wounds)
    Heavier than a 2 ton sack of shit being dropped on the surface of Jupiter.
  9. The Killer Is Me
    by Monumentum
    Noose Noose
  10. Nihil Unbound
    by HUSH.
    Oror Oror
  11. Cetacean
    by The Waking Sea
    Abyss Abyss
    Amazing debut by four great people! Heavy at times, haunting and trance-like at others. Beautiful album. Can't wait to hear more from these guys!
  12. Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult
    by Dopelord
    Addicted To Black Magick Addicted To Black Magick
  13. Downer
    by The City & I
    Bored People Bored People
  14. Foehammer
    by Foehammer
    Stormcrow Stormcrow
    Played with these guys at Kung Fu Necktie in Philly. They absolutely blew the roof off. Crushing as all Hell!
  15. Songs About Sleep
    by records without limits
    Sleep Dreams Sleep Dreams
    Billy Mack is one of the most positive people I know. He creates a dream out of thin air and brings it to fruition! I am happy to be a part of bringing his Coffee House Without Limits dream to fruition. Keep up the good work, Billy Mack!
  16. Crooked Doors (Deluxe Version)
    by Royal Thunder
    The Line The Line
    Duuuuude. I recently stumbled across this album on BC and what can I say? This album is out of this world. A musical journey!