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  1. Reverberation Hymns
    by Dura
  2. Nightsongs
    by Joseph Allred
  3. Aspirant
    by Joseph Allred
  4. Beacon
    by Gerycz / Powers / Rolin
  5. High Sheriffs
    by The High Sheriffs
  6. Ohio
    by Matthew J. Rolin
  7. Untitled
    by Alexander
  8. From a Petrified Forest
    by Jon Collin
  9. Leave Every Every Single You
    by Family Ravine
  10. Washington by the Sea (full album)
    by Sierra Ferrell
  11. Heaven Surrounds You
    by Surf Curse
  12. The Expanding Universe
    by Laurie Spiegel
  13. Solid Love
    by Adeline Hotel
  14. Ye Vagabonds
    by Ye Vagabonds
  15. MATT LAJOIE - Everlasting Spring
    by Matt LaJoie
  16. All Hands Around the Moment
    by Richard Youngs & Raül Refree
    by Matthew 'Doc' Dunn
  18. Water Memory
    by Emily A. Sprague
  19. V.
    by Wooden Shjips
  20. Little Common Twist
    by Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker
  21. In This House
    by Lewsberg
  22. Basement Jam Ritual
    by Endless Boogie
  23. Five From The Vault
    by Tuluum Shimmering
  24. Earth and Its Contents
    by Sarah Louise
  25. STARBIRTHED - Chakra One
    by Starbirthed
  26. I Made A Place
    by Bonnie "Prince" Billy
  27. Blue Water Sunray
    by Tuluum Shimmering
  28. This Record Belongs To ___________
    by Various Artists
  29. Cosmic Cash
    by Garcia Peoples
  30. Wheedle's Groove: Seattle's Finest In Funk & Soul 1965-75
    by Wheedle's Groove
  31. Traveller
    by Warren Sampson
    by WET TUNA
  33. Simple Songs
    by Jim O'Rourke
  34. The One That Touched The Sky
    by Tuluum Shimmering
  35. More Revery
    by Bonny Billy
  36. Masterpiece
    by Big Thief
  37. Best Troubador
    by Bonnie "Prince" Billy
    by SHEER MAG
  39. Nothing Yet
    by Surf Curse
  40. Elsewhere
    by Pinegrove

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  1. Follow The Sun
    by Various Artists