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  1. Number Of The Beast / Cold Rock A Party
    by Audio Assault
  2. The Hedgehog Affair Remixes
    by The Hedgehog Affair
  3. Make Me Feel '93
    by Tango Project
  4. Innercore Project Volume 3
    by Innercore
  5. Flavour 2: Chicken & Sweetcorn
    by Krispy Krouton
  6. Zero Fucks
    by Special Request
  7. Private Plates Singles Club Edition #1
    by Various
  8. UK
    Private Plates
    33 releases 20 updates 201 supporters
  9. Ruffneck EP
    by 6BLOCC
  10. Violator Vol.1
    by Tango & Fallout
  11. Double Visions (Original Mixes)
    by Double Visions
  12. My Mind Is Going / Got To Release (Tango '93 Dubplate Mixes)
    by Double Visions
  13. Crowd Control EP
    by Jack Smooth
  14. Dark Sines / Autonomy
    by Celestial Circuits
  15. Hustlers EP #3
    by Stormski
  16. Hustlers EP #2
    by Bay B Kane
  17. Tango Project 1 ('93 Dubplate Mixes)
    by DJ Tango
  18. Innercore Project Volume 2
    by Innercore
  19. Lets Go / Music
    by Force Mass Motion & Druid
  20. Human Downfall
    by Mike Ash
  21. Last Ride To Hell
    by The Criminal Minds
  22. M5 / We Hypnotise
    by Celestial Circuits
  23. Baptised By Dub
    by The Criminal Minds
  24. Lost Cuts Volume 1
    by Force Mass Motion
  25. Old School Soldier (Spatts 24 Hour Ruffneck Mix) / Drums Of Doom
    by The Criminal Minds
  26. Total Confusion 2018 Remixes
    by HHFD
  27. Final Conflict ('93 Dubplate Mix) / The Killer ('93 PA Mix)
    by Tango & Ratty
  28. Acid 4 Acid
    by Mike Ash
  29. Innercore Project Volume One
    by Innercore
    by Killerhertz 1991
  31. Hustlers EP
    by Sonar's Ghost feat Daddy Freddy
  32. Hardcore You Know The Score 2019
    by The Hypnotist
  33. Force Mass Motion EP (Remix)
    by Force Mass Motion
    Private Plates exclusive
  34. Hustlers EP #4
    by Darkhalf
  35. The Self Evident Truth Of An Intuitive Mind (Remastered)
    by T.Power
  36. GBW 009 - Phineus II - The Xtra Response EP (12" Vinyl - Limited)
    by Green Bay Wax
  37. GBBL 04 - Unknown - Untitled (12" Vinyl - Limited)
    by Green Bay Wax
  38. Dark Sheep / Right Guard (ReDub)
    by Out Of Order
  39. The Kikman Era
    by Bay B Kane
  40. Adios Amigo: The First Decade/The Last Dance
    by Have A Few Get Some
    Victoria's Secret Victoria's Secret
    This album gives hardcore the shivers. Like breaks? Like hardcore? Like jungle? Like grinding guitars with your gnarly drum breaks? Love walls of noise pulsating around your being? Well sir/madam, you are in luck! Want some midwest vocal samples shoved in for good measure, they've got you covered?! Stop reading and buy it. You're pretty much a pu**y if you don't (irregardless of gender).

    Intentionally provocative ?: Addict Records' "Hard Normal Daddy"? Maybe. F*** you.
  41. Skelechairs
    by Doormouse
  42. Defluxion
    by Venetian Snares
  43. Greg Hates Car Culture (20th Anniversary)
    by Venetian Snares
  44. My So-Called Life
    by Venetian Snares
  45. Clearance Bin
    by Snares Man!