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  1. Remover
    by Darren Jessee
  2. Champ 10th Anniversary Edition
    by Tokyo Police Club
  3. Church Demos
    by Tokyo Police Club
    Tokyo Police Club's "Church Demos" really hits home how special TPC is as both an album and as a band, showcasing the raw energy of their songwriting and having each member of the band utilized to their fullest potential in a spectacle of lightning fast tunes and cool heartfelt blues.
  4. Circumambulate
    by Squaring Circles
    Painting an ambient, dreamlike feel with its varied instrumental palette, stellar production, and cool cover art, Squaring Circles releases a surreal odyssey of a single.
  5. Never Not Together
    by Nada Surf
    Just Wait Just Wait
    Never Not Together is a thoughtful embrace of Nada Surf's maturity and growth, staying true in heart and putting their best strengths to play with this brightening, hopeful record.
  6. the first glass beach album
    by glass beach
    cold weather cold weather
    Making a distinct debut with their solid power-pop tunes and fun melodies, glass beach cements a unique spirit by taking familiar influences and making their own mark in the genre.
  7. You're Gonna Miss It All
    by Modern Baseball
    Fine, Great Fine, Great
    Modern Baseball hones in on their sound with another collection of college age melancholy and angst. A powerful addition to their discography.
  8. Cool Car
    by Girlfriend Material
    First Of The Month First Of The Month
    Energetic pop rock with tons of fun garage rock riffs complimented by a lyrical anchor that any twenty-something can connect with. A great debut!
  9. All Signs Point To Yes
    by Dave Monks
    Summer Dream Summer Dream
    Laid-back, low-key acoustic tunes that bring out the warmth and glow that represent Dave's best attributes as a songwriter.
  10. Soft Right
    by Pet Lions
    Roman History Roman History
    Catchy melodies, great synth leads, and a metropolitan soul that perfectly encapsulates the feelings of being young, dumb, and a little troubled with love. Underappreciated and overlooked.
  11. Are You Afraid Of The Danks
    by the danks
    Planet Beach Planet Beach
    This Canadian indie album is a gem reminiscent of garage rock acts like The Strokes. Fuzzy guitars, soft vocals, and a great melodic energy.
  12. GANK
    by the danks
    Sharpshooter Sharpshooter
    Fantastic follow-up to their previous album, dishing out another dose of fun riffs and a sheen of summer melancholy.
  13. Reconstruction Site
    by The Weakerthans
    One Great City! One Great City!
    A lovely highlight in the world of Canadian music. I can understand why this album put them on the map.
  14. WLFGRL+
    by Machine Girl
    Hidden Power (Phase δ) Hidden Power (Phase δ)
    Frenetic, creepy, violent, and masked with a coat of anime inspired grit, this album is insane.
  15. Humanistic Demos
    by Abandoned Pools
    Start Over - Demo Start Over - Demo
    The quality of these demos justify being released as an album of their own. A bittersweet and melancholy throwback for Abandoned Pools fans.
  16. wander into
    by ann annie
    cauline cauline
    Very somber and meditative in nature. Excellent for cloudy days and rainy nights.
  17. [adult swim] bumps
    by Stueve
    4am 4am
    The cover art, sampling and beats of this album make it one of the best pieces of Adult Swim bump work, official or otherwise.