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  1. Wake Me When it's Over - Single
    by Aviators
    This is a really cool song. It's dark and brooding in a way, but it's also light. I think it captures the feeling of Bloodborne perfectly. Plus, it's a damn good song for a damn good game.
  2. Fading Light
    by Aviators
    This is an amazing track! The vocals sound great, and the instrumental is terrific! Plus, it's based on Dark Souls. There's not a lot of fan songs for the game, and this one is a damn good one.
  3. Acoustic - Deluxe Edition CD
    by Aviators
    Red (Acoustic Version) Red (Acoustic Version)
    I was in the stream when you were making Red (sadly I had to miss the stream after it, and the release stream...Damn busy days...), and it was amazing! I love all of these songs, and they sound amazing in acoustic versions!
  4. Static Sea
    by Riikira
    This is one hell of an album. I can't wait for the CD release!
  5. Voyager
    by Ponies at Dawn
    Warriors Of Griffonstone Warriors Of Griffonstone
    This is one hell of an album. Everyone fucking nailed it with their songs in this album. I LOVE Warriors of Griffonstone the most though. It's the best for me because the vocals are great, and the music is amazing right along with it. I love it! Can't wait for the next one! :)
  6. Stargazers
    by Aviators
    Oblivion Oblivion
    After hearing Ammunition for the first time I can already tell that this is going to be a great album! As always, Avi puts up his best work, and it's perfect! I hope you keep up the great work man! :)
  7. The Epitome of Flight (Deluxe Edition)
    by ElectroKaplosion
    Life Lessons Life Lessons