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  1. Love Don't Pay The Bills
    by Trailer Limon
    Love Don't Pay The Bills (ft. E. Live) Love Don't Pay The Bills (ft. E. Live)
  2. Vous Faire Danser (Make You Dance)
    Take a trip to funky France on Planeten Von Disko's "CYCLON WORLD TOUR"!--A Funky Space-Disco concept album!

    These robots will make you dance.
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  3. Axxe To Grind
    by REENO
    Here we have some lovely Nu Funk with a very jazzy twist.
    The jazzy element is brought to you by guitar virtuoso UDI LEVY from NYC.
    PHAT analog synth bass, lovely breakdowns, and synth leads top it all off.
  4. A Vision Of Panorama
    by Chit Chat Records
    Mirror Lake Mirror Lake
    For the life of me, I cannot understand why I am the FIRST person to buy this record here on bandcamp! WTF?
    This LP is gorgeous! Lush & atmospheric arrangements with a hint of funk and classic house.
    A winner all-around.
  5. When There's No Love b/w What I'd Do
    by Ourra
    When There's No Love When There's No Love
    Very solid Brit-Funk release on Chicago's awesome STAR CREATURE label.
    I really feel like I am listening to some British soul-funk from 1983 when I listen to this, and that is a good thing.
  6. Slow Burn
    by QUADRANT 77
    What do you get when you combine a NYC electro-boogie producer with an arsenal of vintage synths and drum machines with one of the most versatile guitarists residing in NYC? You get THIS album--equal parts funk/boogie/electro/rock---sort of an updated 80's version of 70's jazz/funk/fusion.

    Lovely EAST COAST electrofunk...
  7. Night Walk
    by DATAStream
    REALLY love this track....Love the vibe, mood, and lush production.
    Then again, the 80's synth/funk sound is my thing.
  8. Berri
    by Sky Tony
    Hot Ice Hot Ice
    AHH...Another lovely Modern Funk release to sink my teeth into!
    Polished, Lush, & FUNKY. Glossy, slick production the way I like it.
    A good time to be alive. Why bother listening to mainstream music that cannot compare to stuff like this?
  9. Funk'n'Shine LP
    by Born To Shine
    Ivan Makvel - Funkelicious Ivan Makvel - Funkelicious
    Great comp...Ivan Makvel's "Funkelicious" being the absolute standout here.
    The L33 track is great too with it's half-time funk feel.
    Paul Whitley's "Zodiac" is also heavenly in it's perfect modern funk vibe.
  10. SAIR - S/T
    by Omega Supreme Records
    Wow...time for another Omega Supreme Release already? Yep...
    I've been aware of SAIR for a couple of years now. I think he has a unique take on the modern boogie sound.
    For example, "Moves" has more than a bit of Steely Dan influence, especially the opening chords (which creep back later)
    One of the more mellow releases on Omega, sit back with a nice bottle of wine and get lost in these sexy grooves.
    Get the vinyl asap, because as with all Omega releases, only 500 copies were pressed.
  11. Rare Essence
    by Midnight Runners
    Rare Essence Rare Essence
    Midnight Runners is the funkiest outfit out of Indonesia, hands down.
    I always buy whatever has their name on it, and this album is just as funky and solid as their previous releases.
    It's great that they worked with Megan Doherty again. She always adds something special to anything she sings on.
    Looking forward to getting this record in my collection!
  12. Amin Payne - Bad Juice / Wait a Minute 7"
    by Born To Shine
    Amin Payne & First Touch - Wait a Minute Amin Payne & First Touch - Wait a Minute
    Very solid 45.
    Both tracks are great, but the First Touch collab with Payne is the standout for me.
  13. LDRX5 - Lerosa - Untitled
    by LDRX5 - Lerosa - Untitled
    B1 - Le Stelle B1 - Le Stelle
    WOW! I got one of these just in time. 110 copies only!

    Really nice funky house/nu disco here, "Le Stelle" being my favorite of the bunch.
  14. XL Middleton + Eddy Funkster
    by XL Middleton + Eddy Funkster
    Show Some Respect Show Some Respect
  15. Slippin' Into Darkness (Instrumental)
    by War
  16. Polaroid Visions
    by AWITW
    Polaroid Visions Polaroid Visions
  17. The Answer
    by Parkway Rhythm
    The Answer (T-Kut's Massive Dub) The Answer (T-Kut's Massive Dub)
    Yes....Another solid release from PARKWAY RHYTHM.
    As always, that Paul Simpson influence runs strong, and brings you right back to the Paradise Garage days with Larry Levan.
  18. Dancing Into The Stars (Instrumental)
    by Logg
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  19. The Player (Acapella Dub Beat Mix)
    by First Choice
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  20. Make It Last Forever (Instrumental)
    by Inner Life
  21. My Love Is Free (Instrumental)
    by Double Exposure
  22. Unconditionally
    by Dimitri SoEmotional
  23. RAD004 - Various Artists
    by Royal Athlete
    Chaconne - Dreamers Chaconne - Dreamers
  24. Le'Trell - Silva Bells
    by Le'Trell
    Silva Bells Silva Bells
    In the words of Bernie Sanders, "Let me be perfectly clear"--I am no fan of seasonal music. Never was...But THIS track has what most of that stuff is missing...the FUNK!
  25. Saucy Lady - Saturday Love b/w Hang On
    by Saucy Lady
    Saturday Love Saturday Love
  26. Tropical Echoes - Music's Our Love b/w Dusty TK
    by Tropical Echoes
    Music's Our Love Music's Our Love
    "Music" is a Lovely late 70's inspired Nu Disco track with sexy female vox. Love it....(the live band is a welcome addition)
    "Dusty TK" has big (live) drums and makes for a very sexy mid-tempo burner.
  27. Le'Trell - On The One b/w S.O.S.
    by Le'Trell
    On The One On The One
    "On the One" is THE one here. It's like Minneapolis meets the west coast. (at least to my ears).
    Slammin track, complete with raps and synth solos.
  28. Saucy Lady - Sugar High b/w I'm Ready (T-Groove Remixes)
    by Saucy Lady
    Sugar High (T-Groove Remix) Sugar High (T-Groove Remix)
    Two very solid late 70's inspired songs here, with playful female vox.

    Really groovy stuff here. Nice to hear "Live" instrumentation in funk-land these days.

    I can see "Sugar High" in particular killing a dancefloor.
  29. Reesis
    by Solar Shield
    Reesis Reesis
    I can see why this was repressed THREE times. (yes, you heard that right)
    Two very solid boogie monsters here...I only wish "Reesis" were a bit longer (it's under 3 min).
    ...Maybe a bit less compression during mastering too...but overall a great record.
  30. Petrus Dish
    by Buscrates
    Buscrates always brings the funk. East Coast in da house!
  31. Feel You Up
    by E. Live
    E. Live NEVER disappoints. Modern Funk/Boogie perfection here. Not surprising, as he is an impeccable musician and producer.
  32. Bring Out The Funk
    by Damokles
    Bring out the Funk (feat. Lovisa) Bring out the Funk (feat. Lovisa)
  33. Fat Fresh Funk - EP
    Fat Fresh Funk EP - FULL PREVIEW Fat Fresh Funk EP - FULL PREVIEW
  34. Bybo - Dream On
    by Bybo
    Program Of Love Program Of Love
    Germany's BYBO has arrived with his first vinyl EP release and it sounds fantastic!
    Fellow German modern funk mainstays FIRST TOUCH lent a hand here with some mixing/post production and put their glossy stamp on those cuts.
    I really like this album and I don't think I will stop jamming it anytime soon.
    Another strong release for BTS records, Germany.
    by Omega Supreme Records
    I like how Omega releases two albums simultaneously--double up on your new funk!
    I knew about Superstructure (Todd Osborne) through his inclusion on the "Raw Silk Vol. 2" comp last year, and from his 7" on the NY-based "Names you can Trust" label.

    Well, he's back with his first full-length EP release, and where better than on Omega Supreme?
    I cannot yet pick a favorite on the album, but the entire LP is very solid and special.
  36. Airwayz
    by Benedek, Tom Noble
    Serious Nu Boogie Right here! No wonder this record is impossible to find...
  37. Ocean Side
    by Benedek & Noble
  38. Mental Love Affair/Music for Spaceships: Metro
    by Chris LeBrane's Campaign
    Mental Love Affair Mental Love Affair
  39. Arriving LP (Cherries Records)
    N-E-E-D-L-O-V-E N-E-E-D-L-O-V-E
  40. Squiggy
    by Tom Noble
  41. Low Altitude
    by Mike Kay
    Low Altitude Low Altitude
    Harvey Sutherland is the man. Part funk, part disco, part house...These 808 jams are very appealing, especially for DJ's.
    Note: two of these tracks were previously only released on a special limited lathe cut. PPU brings us these tracks, and a bonus track on this lovely 12".
  42. [EvR015] Edges E.P.
    by Harvey Sutherland
    Q3 (12'' Mix) Q3 (12'' Mix)
    More lovely disco/house gems with phat 808 drums and (possibly) Juno-60.
    Very well done. Harvey has this style on lockdown right now.
  43. Brothers [VYG02]
    by Harvey Sutherland
    Old Wars Old Wars
    More solid housey nu disco gems from Mr. Sutherland! Keep em coming!
  44. Liquid Pegasus - What I Actually Do
    by Liquid Pegasus
    Same Old Boogie Same Old Boogie
    Boogie/funk from Japan? heard it right.
    With such a distinct vibe on the EP, you will not confuse Liquid Pegasus with any other Nu Funk artist.
  45. Future Disc
    by Sasac
    Pig Pig
    SASAC never disappoints!
    Another solid LP of downtempo funk gems, with (what appears to be) live drums on some cuts.
    Too bad the vinyl is nearly impossible to find.