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James Morgenstern

  1. Monte Rio, California
  2. Experimental
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  1. Spellwind
    by Fogweaver
  2. Crisis Actor
    by Roselit Bone
  3. Forest Spell
    by Witch Bottle
  4. Skald
    by Wardruna
  5. Snake Pit Poetry
    by Einar Selvik
  6. Offerings of Flesh and Gold
    by Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze
  7. Fogweaver
    by Fogweaver
  8. Visni þitt hold svo betur megi hæfa þeim hug sem það hýsir
    by NYIÞ
  9. LIFA
    by Heilung
  10. Futha
    by Heilung
  11. Ofnir
    by Heilung
  12. Blister Steel
    by Roselit Bone
    by Roselit Bone
  14. The Separate Republic
    by ART ABSCONs
  15. NJRM-018 Night Profound "Invocatio Lux, Evocatio Nox"
    by Night Profound
  16. Tales Of An Umber Earth
    by Medicine Moon
  17. Falling
    by DEAES
  18. Inni
    by DEAES
  19. Open
    by DEAES
  20. Iris Clouds
    by DEAES
  21. Crooked Teeth
    by DEAES
  22. Close
    by DEAES
  23. Eyes
    by DEAES
  24. Day Dreams & Night Mares
    by Horse Cult
    by ART ABSCONs
  26. Weather Veins
    by Weather Veins
  27. Poison Gown
    by Disemballerina
  28. Ulvesang
    by Ulvesang
  29. The Black Work
    by Alex Andre
    by Various
  31. Warrior
    by Anilah, Wardruna
  32. Hungry Ghost
    by Blood of Kvasir
  33. Island
    by Current 93