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  1. Coyote
    by Nocando
  2. M.O.T.H
    by NOCANDO
  3. King Snake
    by NOCANDO
  4. Severed
    by Nocando
  5. They'll Never Take Us Alive
    by Zig Zags
  6. s/t
    by Wharf Rats
  7. Snubbed
    by Gets Worse
  8. Built For Destruction
    by State Funeral
  9. No One Wins
    by Game
  10. Bas Fada
    by Disguise
  11. Destituent
    by sole
  12. 4 Track EP
    by Subdued
  13. Torment & Torture Demo
    by Subdued
  14. S/T LP
    by Sial
  15. Binasa EP
    by Sial
  16. Power Intoxication b/w Dying Spirit
  17. Totälickers "Cemëntiri ep" ep
  18. Live At Roadburn Festival 2018
    by Cave In Ft Steve Brodsky & Adam McGrath
  19. Darkness Rains
    by Death Valley Girls
  20. :Oblivion Songs:
    by Rot In Hell
  21. Cemetery Avenue
    by Toten Hex
  22. The slow dying of the Great Barrier Reef
    by Bismuth
  23. The Unraveling
    by Ails
  24. Famyne
    by Famyne
  25. Four Variations on ‘Artificial Society’
    by Universal Eyes
  26. Nuclear Winter 3
    by sole
  27. Third EP
    by MooM
  28. Disciples of the Inferno
  29. (Orange)
    by Toke
  30. Deaf Kids/Timekiller Split
    by Timekiller
  31. Bastards
    by Fukpig
  32. Complete S.H.I.T. LP
    by S.H.I.T.
  33. Who Will Play?
    by Game
  34. Feed the Rats
    by Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
  35. PYR
    by Ghold
  36. STOIC
    by Ghold
    by DRORE
  38. Blood Moon Rise
    by Jex Thoth
  39. Witness
    by Jex Thoth
  40. Minx
    by Leatherface
  41. Obscura Arcana Mortis: The Demo Years
    by Forgotten Tomb
  42. Lucas Acid
    by Moodie Black
  43. The Number Ones
    by The Number Ones
  44. Split LP
    by Cloud Rat / Disrotted
  45. Let Them Eat Sand
    by sole