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  1. Make It Count
    by THE HECK
  2. DIT-052 GTFOD vs kiYOmi
    by Get The Fuck Outta Dodge vs kiYOmi
  3. PP096 Demersal - Death Routines
    by PASIDARYK PATS records
  4. Bad Christmas
    by THE HECK
    Bad Christmas Bad Christmas
    Check the video out. The Heck go ballistic at Christmas & make a Bad Christmas a great Christmas . These guys are the garage rockers of the 21st Century. The Heck ensure no one will kill Rock n Roll . Let's Rock!
  5. Make It Count
    by THE HECK
    Make It Count Make It Count
    Remember when Rock sounded like Rock. The Heck make it count, this band brings back all the elements of rock that were sanitzed with corperate control. Garage rockers from The Netherlands that keep rock alive. Great stuff!
  6. Harlem LTD Transparent Vinyl
    by Millsted
    Televangelist Televangelist
    Pissed off New York Hard Core coming from a submarine somewhere under Harlem. Spooky , angry & tense . Left of field without disappearing into experimental oblivion. Love it!
  7. The spineless worms and maggots crawling from the shit of America's consciousness
    by Detroit 442
    A wasted man in a waistcoat A wasted man in a waistcoat
    A cigarette & a blind fold, the madness is upon us, a wasted man in a waistocat wanders through the wasteland of memories fucked up by corperate greed. Detroit 442 1st Class Rust belt Mid west Punk n Roll. Great Record.
  8. Beach Blanket Blast-Off
    by Bazookas
    Cart-O-Rama Cart-O-Rama
    Seventies style Proto -Punk tight Punching chords that rock hard.
    Great little single .
    appears in 1 other collection
  9. Bazooline
    by Bazookas
    Diggin Diggin
    Hard Punk Rockin' hamburger blast from Hamburg . Garage rock for your living space ,turn up your speakers if no one is rocking stop having parties for dead personalities.
    Great LP******
  10. PP 092 - DFC - Igreja Quadrangular Do Triangulo Redondo
    by PASIDARYK PATS records
    D.F.C. District Federal Chaos, reissued after 25 years Hard Core political protest band from Brazil that drives through your speakers like a Panza Tank with lead tracks. Spot on drumming, Hard Chorus as Fuckus Brazilian Punkus. This is Hard, fast & angry smack you in the mouth adreneline pumping perfection. LOVE IT!
  11. PP 099 Atencja – Czas zniewolenia
    by PASIDARYK PATS records
    Mandat milicjanta Mandat milicjanta
    Attention .Time of Enslavement really polished political Polish Punk, first time on vinyl. Another classic release from Pasidaryk Pats Records first class Lithuanian label. Great stuff pumping up north . Delicious!
  12. PP 070 V​/​A "NON UN SASSO INDIETRO" vol. 2
    by PASIDARYK PATS records
    3. You're Next - Tragedy 3. You're Next - Tragedy
    32 track Hard Core compilation from Italy collected with finesse & an ear for good shit from Pasidaryk Pats Records. Great stuff coming from this label. Compilations, your own Punk Radio station. Thumbs up!
  13. Get Lost
    by Post Party Depression Records
    Get Lost Get Lost
    Battlebeats are one of the greatest Rock n Roll stories of this century. One guy a pair of snare drums & a guitar. DIY brilliance from Indonesia, Andresa shows the world how to do it! 4th single & check out his LP. Magic!
  14. Artifuct
    by The Leftards
    Feeling the art has been fuct on radio for the last forty six years.
    Try left of field retarded Rock n Roll from The Leftards. Garage Punk & Roll spontaneous combustion that's enough to make a dead jelly fish go hard. See them live & be stained forever. Perfect!
  15. White Brothel Creepers
    by Moron's Morons
    Alexa Alexa
    Absolute filth bag Polish Punk n Roll this is nuts, out of control & fantastic. And the LP is sensational . Buy or die listening to the vile vomit on the radio that someone has the audacity to call "Rock" . Brilliant Stuff!
  16. PP 095 TORO BRAVO - Mes tokia karta
    by PASIDARYK PATS records
    Malda Malda
    Lithuanian Punk that kicks ass, find a city & you will find a punk band. 10" Gold vinyl, this rocks hard, tight ,energetic & angry. Sign here.
  17. Sometimes
    by czosnEk
    old punx sometimes die old punx sometimes die
    I love Hard Core, it is not Doom Core, Death Core, Metal Core , grind Core or Apple core, just HARD CORE. Fast angry,(By golly is she angry) urgent with lots of social comment , perhaps that's it, the Honesty. Tasty Polish Hard Core Punk CzosnEk are all garlic.
    by Dårligt Selskab
    Fast, angry anarcho Punk. This band is hot. Princess Mary would probably even approve of these killer Copenhagen punks, they're pretty kick ass fantastic .
    Didn't Prince Frederik meet Princess Mary at a Punk gig in Sydney Australia?
  19. BINGO French Punk Exploitation 1978-1981
    by Various
    Sublime Deluxe - Donne moi ton corps juste pour le sport (1979) Sublime Deluxe - Donne moi ton corps juste pour le sport (1979)
    BINGO! Someone put some real thought into this delightful compilation of the most hilarious French Punk tracks from the Seventies. Politically incorrect fun, remember those days? when we used to laugh at ourselves. Turn up the speakers & bop & pogo all night, PARTY ESSENTIAL! Beautiful stuff!
  20. Oslo City
    by Mensen
    Twenty-One Twenty-One
    Norwegian Chick punk rock band "Menstruation" left a decent legacy.
    Normally I don't dig "Pop/Punk" but this kicks ass so hard they leave their foot hanging out of your mouth. They don't play Real Punk on the radio ,but this has melody & balls. Hard to pick a favourite they are all stand outs, Probably Twenty One- for it's Punk n Roll flavour! Beautiful stuff ! First class classic Punk Rock!