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  1. Evil Upheaval (Death Metal)
    by DEPRAVITY (Australia)
  2. Sonoran Depravation
    by Gatecreeper
  3. Beneath The Pharaonic Necropolis
    by Tyrannos
  4. Reanimated Monstrosity
    by Strychnia
  5. The Anatomy of Execution
    by Strychnia
  6. End Of Days
    by Discreation
    This album kicks ass, if i was going into battle it would have to be playing, great band powerful as hell got it on vinyl also you can't go wrong its nice!
  7. Pyramid Slaves (Full-Length)
    by Crescent
    this is one bad ass powerful album, these guys are from Egypt unlike some bands out there that like to think. Crecent does it right. They got a new song out that's bad ass and new album soon.
  8. Left Hand Pass
    by Cannabis Corpse
  9. Dying Alone (Death Metal)
    by AFFLICTION GATE (France)
  10. Besieged
    by Resurgence
  12. Sonoran Depravation
    by Gatecreeper
  13. Anthology of Terror, Vol. 1
    by Axeslasher
  14. We Are The Gore
    by Haemorrhage
  15. Dimensions of Horror
    by Gruesome
  16. Nightmare Logic
    by Power Trip
  17. Nightmare Future
    by Expulsion
  18. Death Revenge
    by Exhumed
    Lifeless Lifeless
    This album is classic stuff, its great gore metal, death metal what ever ya want to call it. The newest stuff from a veteran band just a kick in the teeth to me.
  19. Nightmare Logic
    by Power Trip
    If Not Us Then Who If Not Us Then Who
    This album is just raw, strait forward and just kicks serious ass, and it's mean!
  20. Rites of Absolution
    by The Bleeding
    Crook And Flail Crook And Flail
    This album is great these guys are very cool also, please buy this album to help support them. The title track is great, my favorite is crook and flail, but the whole album is great!