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James Champion

  1. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  2. Alternative
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  1. something blue
    by Laptop Funeral
  2. A hayride with Bicycle Shorts, Dumb Hats, & Ditch Lily Vol. 3
    by Ditch Lily
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  3. spit of darkness
    by field flower
  4. songs from another world
    by field flower
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  5. Go Gently
    by field flower
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  6. Sitting In My Room
    by Empress Eyes
    Illusion Illusion
    these songs: soft, a tree bowing to the wind
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  7. Skeleton Garden
    by Empress Eyes
  8. World Record
    by Focus Group LLC
  9. Wasted Light
    by Focus Group LLC
  10. The New County Choruses
    by Focus Group Solutions
  11. Water Memory / Mount Vision
    by Emily A. Sprague
  12. Siccan
    by Vantana Row
    Geo-Punk National Demographic Geo-Punk National Demographic
    Catchy, revelatory, and spiritual against all odds. (Uncanny and beautiful)
  13. You'll Have To Take My Word For It
    by The World Without Parking Lots
  14. might.bail
    by Renny Conti
  15. The Motherhood of St. Monica
    by Anita Velveeta
  16. Biblically Accurate Fursona
    by Anita Velveeta
    Don't Tread on me Sempai Don't Tread on me Sempai
    this is simply the most uniquely compelling and versatile collection of songs I’ve heard in ages

    sometimes it makes me feel like laying down in an open field and watch the wind blow through the tall grass like a comb through hair

    at other times it makes me want to thrash around alone in a hotel swimming pool until chlorine stings my eyes
  17. Surroundings
    by Silent Spirit
    by metagirl
    Gonna update this review soon but I just wanted to say now that I’m so excited to listen to this on my way to xc skiing, having heard some of these songs played for me in person makes me feel like I am reconnecting with old friends
  19. Husk
    by Devin Hopwood
  20. all my dreams are impossible
    by Elisabeth Pixley-Fink