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James Browning

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  1. Dream Mentor
    by Khotin
  2. Welcome To Warp Zone! (4-Hour VGM Mix)
    by Nmesh
    World 03: Pleasantville / Mobius World 03: Pleasantville / Mobius
    The Kid Chameleon sample sold me! Wow what a surprise! A lot of my youth rolled into this mix! Batman on NES with movie quote samples! This mix is essential listening to anyone that played games in the 80's, 90's,and 00's. A nice 4/20 mind jammer quest! Some Silver Surfer in there too! Mega Man! The list goes on! This is the holy grail of all my videogame memories mixed together into 4 hours and 20 minutes to blissful effect.
  3. s/t ep
    by Manisdron
  4. Meet The Top Boys
    by Eszaid
  5. s/t LP
    by Moist 96
  6. Emulator Armour
    by DJ Overdose
  7. Transform Multiply
    by Dextro
  8. wasted on a waterbed
    by Odd Nosdam
  9. GLASS CUTTERS instrumentals
    by Odd Nosdam
  10. Cosmic Motorik Adventures & Machine Language Music
    by Gabe Knox
  11. Sex Monk Blues
    by Tom of England
  12. Emma DJ + Ishaq-"Fusion" split lp
    by Emma DJ + Ishaq
  13. Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol 3 – Obscure Singles Circa 83-86 (MR​-​049)
    by Various Artists
  14. Palmbomen II
    by Palmbomen II
  15. Memories of Cindy
    by Palmbomen II
  16. Equivalents
    by loscil
  17. Beat
    by Bowery Electric
  18. Common Era
    by Belong
  19. Ripped Apparition
    by Public Memory
  20. Ripped Apparition
    by Public Memory