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  1. Maniac Mansion - Main Theme
    by Banjo Guy Ollie
  2. Firewatch Original Score
    by Chris Remo
  3. The Amiga Works
    by Allister Brimble
  4. The Dewey Decibel System
    by MC Lars & Mega Ran
    Walden Walden
  5. Net Split or, the Fathomless Heartbreak of Online Itself
    by MC Frontalot
  6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme
    by Banjo Guy Ollie
  7. JB
    by Johannes Bjerregaard
  8. Knight Rider - Intro Theme
    by Banjo Guy Ollie
  9. Notes from Toontown
    by MC Lars
  10. Satan's Cheerleaders Perform the Music of The Last Ninja
    by Satan's Cheerleaders
  11. The Jeff Sessions
    by MC Lars
  12. Carmen Sandiego Has Really Bad Morals (feat. YTCracker)
    by MC Lars
  13. Mad Men (feat. Schäffer the Darklord & Ash Wednesday)
    by MC Lars
  14. Xenon 2 Megablast - Bomb the Bass
    by Banjo Guy Ollie
  15. The Zombie Dinosaur LP
    by MC Lars
  16. Submerge
    by Mirland
  17. Santa and Me
    by LoadingReadyRun
  18. Twenty-Thirteen
    by LoadingReadyRun
  19. The Edgar Allan Poe EP
    by MC Lars
  20. Super Rich - Desperately Poor e.p.
    by Feuerkopf