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Jake Webb

  1. Bournemouth, UK
  2. Electronic
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  1. Time To Play
    by J-MUSIC Ensemble
  2. Passion
    by arthur x medic, RoboRob
  3. Warp Star
    by Snail's House
  4. Charm (w/ Puniden)
    by Moe Shop
  5. Moe Moe
    by Moe Shop
  6. The Church of the Technochrist
    by Closure In Moscow
  7. ピンクレモネード
    by Closure In Moscow
  8. The Sound of Courage
    by Antti Martikainen
  9. Future Cαndy
    by YUC'e
  10. Luv U 4ll ♡ver
    by PSYQUI
  11. Answerer
    by PSYQUI
  12. 30 Years Later - An AKIRA Tribute
    by Synthspiria
  13. Octahedron (Original Soundtrack)
    by Demimonde
  14. The End Is Nigh: OST
    by Ridiculon
  15. 狂おしく咲いた凄惨な骸は奏で、愛おしく裂いた少女は聖餐の詞を謳う。
    by Imperial Circus Dead Decadence
  16. Star Charts
    by Pogo
  17. VGM Acapella: Volume 7
    by Smooth McGroove
  18. Furi Original Soundtrack
    by Carpenter Brut, Danger, The Toxic Avenger, Lorn, Scattle, Waveshaper, Kn1ght
    My only chance My only chance
  19. Sonic Art 4
    by Sonic Art Crew
  20. Fires Fade
    by Miracle Of Sound
  21. Live at Grillby's
    by insaneintherainmusic
  22. Saturdaze
    by Starcadian
  24. A Curious Case of the Fucking Mondays
    by bignic
  25. Crypt of the Necrodancer: The Synthwave Cuts
    by Sferro, Tommy '86, Johnatron
  26. EP I
    by Carpenter Brut
  27. Paradise Lost
    by Lachi James
  28. O.R.B.O.T
    by Simon Viklund
  29. Crafty Candy Soundtrack
    by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra
  30. Volume 1 Remixes
    by Magic Sword
  31. Chronicles Of The Wasteland / Turbo Kid Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    by Le Matos
  32. Determination
    by RichaadEB // Ace Waters
  33. Volume 1
    by Magic Sword
  34. Ornaments
    by Sferro
  35. Sunlover Records Compilation VOL. 2 - Maximum Workout
    by Sunlover Records
    Flash Arnold -The Pump Flash Arnold -The Pump
  36. Evil Squad
    by Raydar
    Night of the Dead Night of the Dead
  37. Super Sweet Boy: Music from SMB 5th Anniversary
    by Laura Shigihara
  38. The Beginner's Guide Soundtrack
    by Ryan Roth
  39. Bits of Music from The Stanley Parable
    by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra
  40. Adventures of Pip OST
    by Jake Kaufman
  41. Wake The White Wolf
    by Miracle Of Sound
  42. Lost Floppies Vol 2 (DATA027)
    by Dubmood
    by Jake Kaufman
    BGM - Danny Bit Bang (Ninja Sex Party - Dragon Slayer) BGM - Danny Bit Bang (Ninja Sex Party - Dragon Slayer)
  44. Glitch - Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number EP
    by Endless
  45. Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack
    by Jake Kaufman