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  1. Signals From Pier Thirteen
    by Crash Course In Science
  2. Periodikmindtrouble
    by ilitch
  3. Con 3
    by Conrad Schnitzler
  4. Modern Mirror
  5. Human Traffic Jam
    by VR SEX
  6. Nótt eftir nótt
    by Kælan Mikla
  7. Dead Magic
    by Anna von Hausswolff
  8. It Will Come To You LP
    by ACTORS
  9. Rendered Armor
    by Ritual Howls
  10. Okovi
    by Zola Jesus
  11. trespasser
    by Art d'Ecco
  12. Red Exposure
    by Chrome
  13. A Place In The Sun/Black Dust
    by YDI
  14. A Wild Odyssey + Sessions
    by ANGEL FACE / CAME36
  15. Occult Concert
    by Master Wilburn Burchette
  16. Odds Against Tomorrow
    by Bill Orcutt
  17. The Threshingfloor
    by Wovenhand
  18. Igra Staklenih Perli
    by Igra Staklenih Perli
  19. Peilitalossa
    by Musta Paraati
  20. Mana
  21. Murheen laakso
    by Mana Mana
  22. Destruction Of The Wicked
    by Purification
  23. Destiny of the Gods
    by Coven
  24. Blasphema Secta
    by Abysmal Grief
  25. Violet Art of Improvisation
    by Paul Chain
  26. Carnal Confessions
    by Fvneral Fvkk
  27. Ruins of Eternity
    by Orodruin
  28. Violet Dreams
  29. The River Giant Rises
    by Elfspell
  30. Cornucopia della Morte
    by BLIZARO
  31. Sempiternal Punishment
    by Evil Spirit
  32. The Baneful Choir
    by Teitanblood
  33. Patriarchs Of Evil
    by Varathron
  34. Unlock The Shrine
    by The Ruins Of Beverast (Ván Records)
  35. Eroded Corridors of Unbeing
    by Spectral Voice
  36. At the Stroke of Midnight
  37. Viaticum
    by Great Coven
    Though deeply rooted in the Vitus/Candlemass tradition, Great Coven's brand of doom has a level of malevolence and dread most doomsters lack. The soulcrushing blow of broken dreams and fetid reek of decaying flesh is never far away... they sound DISEASED. That's a compliment.
  38. The Course Of Empire
    by Atlantean Kodex
  39. Demos 2009/2012
    by Briton Rites
    Howie Bentley's gargantuan, crushing riffs coupled with Phil Swanson's Terry Jones-like (Pagan Altar) croon is a match made in doom metal heaven.
  40. God Οf Τhe Deep Unleashed
    by Wrathblade
    Contenders to the tragically vacated throne Manilla Road had occupied since time immemorial (likely an impossible task, but fingers crossed). Killer riffs and passionate, barbaric vox put Wrathblade at the top of the "Bands to Watch" list.
  41. Return of the Herakleids
    by Alpha Centauri
  42. LYRIDS: Warning From The Reign Of The Untold
  43. DARK QUARTERER "Ithaca"
    by Metal On Metal Records
  44. The Unreachable Salvation
    by Acerus
    Strip away the Chasm's death metal elements, and what you're left with is the sprawling, epic metal grandeur of Acerus. Proves that all things Corchado are built on a solid foundation of classic heavy metal.
  45. Satan's Hallow
    by Satan's Hallow