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  1. Carry On
    by Cœur de pirate
    Carry On Carry On
  2. Midnight Sun
    by melodysheep
    Sleeping Giants Sleeping Giants
    Amazing range of music on this album. Everything has it's own quality. Love it.
  3. EnV - Ginseng
    by EnV
    Definitely my favourite track of the album, so I just bought this single.

    But damn is it good.
  4. Come Find Me
    by Fox Amoore
    Starry Destination Starry Destination
    It's a thrill to just lay back and listen to this album. A joy for the ears. The hard thing to do is choosing a favorite track.
  5. Squares Of Life
    by PICE
    Pice - 8bit Clouds (Alternative Version) Pice - 8bit Clouds (Alternative Version)
    Often when I listen to 8-bit, it can be a little annoying. This is not. This is a feel-good soundtrack to enjoy at any time really.
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  6. Child of Light
    by Cœur de pirate
    Off to Sleep Off to Sleep
    One of my favourite indiegame stories of all time. The soundtrack adds a tremendous amount to the perfect atmosphere. I simply love it.
  7. Chasing Time
    by Jacob Montague
    Come Home Come Home
    It's one of those album where you can picture yourself in the situation fitting the song. Great work.
  8. Symphony of Science Collector's Edition
    by melodysheep
    Secret of the Stars Secret of the Stars
    It's hard to pinpoint exactly what I like about this mix, but it just brightens my day.
  9. Unmechanical
    by wrench
    I Heart You I Heart You
    Played the game - loved it.
    Listened to the soundtrack - loved it.
  10. PAYDAY 2 Official Soundtrack
    by Simon Viklund
    Mayhem Dressed in a Suit Mayhem Dressed in a Suit
  11. Demon's and Dark Souls Remixes
    by Alex Roe
    Demon's Souls - Epitaph for Boletaria Demon's Souls - Epitaph for Boletaria
  12. Thomas Was Alone - Original Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition)
    by David Housden
    Where Are You? Where Are You?
  13. Journey
    by Austin Wintory
    Nascence Nascence
    If I can't play the game on pc, I can at least listen to soundtrack on pc. It was better than expected. Made me want to play the game even more.
  14. FTL: Advanced Edition Soundtrack
    by Ben Prunty
    Lanius (Battle) Lanius (Battle)
  15. Electronic Super Joy - Take it to the Club (feat. PHI)
    by PHI, enV, Dualryan
    As the Sun Sets As the Sun Sets
    It's an amazing and energetic soundtrack. I use it mainly when on the move or training.
  16. The Yawhg EP
    by Ryan Roth, Halina Heron
    (oceans) (oceans)
    Chill soundtrack, soothing for the ear. Great game as well.
  17. Electronic Super Joy OST
    by enV
    Love the game, but I really enjoy the soundtrack alone as well.