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  1. The Prime Directives [2016 Remastered Deluxe Edition]
    by Protector 101
    The Prime Directives Intro [2016 Remaster] The Prime Directives Intro [2016 Remaster]
  2. Visitors
    by Lazerhawk
    Lazerhawk's Theme Lazerhawk's Theme
  3. Street Beats for The Apocalypse
    by Synthicide
    We came, we saw, he died We came, we saw, he died
  4. A Sign Of Respect
    by alpharisc WARD-IZ Ravenh0lm
    alpharisc - Sweeping The World alpharisc - Sweeping The World
    fackin amazing hi nrg bliss!
    Hi Energy Fitness grabs me by the balls everytime and makes me dance hard!
    Much pleasure to be found on this.
    Alpharisc can do no wrong!!!!
  5. The Transhuman Project
    by E-Con Records
    Love in the Digital Age Love in the Digital Age
  6. Project Stardust
    by E-Con Records
    To The Stars (feat Robyn Holland) To The Stars (feat Robyn Holland)
    This is simply fackin' stunning and possibly E-con records best comp (?!?).
    Can't pick a favorite track, just excited that it's being used as a soundtrack for The Great Y Circus, and is also dedicated to one of the masters - David Bowie!
  7. Venom
    by Lost Years
    Cross the Line Cross the Line
  8. Island Universe
    by Syntax
    Andromeda Andromeda
    This has so much beautiful atmosphere.
    Syntax just keeps going from strength to strength.
    Surely will be scoring some sci-fi films down the track.
    Can't pick a favorite track just yet (only got it yesterday), but it's great to listen through headphones and chill out where ever you are.
  9. Stored Energies Technology Vol. 3
    by DATAStream
    The Synthesiser (with Dean Friedman) The Synthesiser (with Dean Friedman)
  10. Wastelands
    by Protector 101
    The Vipers The Vipers
    Full of great atmosphere (and a clear nod to post apocalyptic Australian films), it's clearly occupying the soundtrack spectrum of 'synthwave'. If Mr.101 isn't doing the score for the next Mad Max film, or next John Carpenter film, then there is no justice in this world.
  11. Journeys
    by Timecop1983
    Dreams (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) Dreams (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix)
    After listening to this album (via SC or YT) the last 2 weeks, i've fallen in love with it, and it has the honour of being the first 'synthwave' LP i've have purchased. Thankyou Mr. Timecop, this is truly beautiful music. This deserves to be on CD or Vinyl (i saw that there was some on tape, but they sold out)
  12. Runaway (feat. Kristine)
    by FM Attack
    FM Attack & Kristine should permantly work together. Listen to this and you'll know why. Perfect synthpop at it's finest. (and i'll add, anything Kristine adds her voice to turns to gold)
  13. Magic (feat. Kristine)
    by FM Attack