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Jacob Nelson

  1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  2. Metal
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  1. Abstract Defecation
    by Cerebral Engorgement
  2. Vicious Structure of the Crucified
    by Goat Ripper
  3. Slaughter On The Earth (2013)
    by Necromorphic Irruption
  4. Promo (2012)
    by Necromorphic Irruption
  5. Inmisericorde Promo
  6. FLESH
    by FLESH
  7. 2018 Promo
    by Devour The Unborn
  8. Monument of Depravity
    by Iconic Vivisect
    by Splattered Entrails
  10. Undercooked Intrauterine Delicacies
    by Splattered Entrails
  11. DERACINATED - Adoration Of Decaying Carrion
    by Deracinated
  12. Sadistic Experiments/Mancubus/Asphyxiation Crucifixion/Biotomy - Split
    by Sadistic Experiments/Mancubus/Asphyxiation Crucifixion/Biotomy
  13. Beyond The Marrow Gates
    by Ineffable Demise
  14. Abhorrent Atonement
  15. Inundated With Decomposed Torsos
    by Heteradelphy
  16. Eugenic Post-Coital Self Crucifixion
  17. Engineered Human Obsolescence
    by Cranial Contamination
  18. From The Absence Of Existence
    by Cranial Contamination
  19. The Prophecy In The Entrails
  20. Facelift Deformation 2017 Promo SW
    by Facelift Deformation
  21. Defleshed and Gutted EP
    by Defleshed and Gutted
  22. Slaughter Of Brutality
    by Immense
  23. SIGNS OF OMNICIDE - Era Of Omniscience
    by Signs Of Omnicide
  24. Herbarium With Grotesque Necrotic Malformations
    by Disfigurement Of Flesh
  25. Psychotonic Abnormal Dismemberment Re-issue
    by Disfigurement Of Flesh
  26. Deity Of Hideous Fertility
    by Disfigurement Of Flesh
    Deity Of Hideous Fertility Deity Of Hideous Fertility
    This band is album is a brutal masterpiece. Relentless front to back. all time favorite band. this is a must own among brutal collectors.
  27. Beneficial Amputation Excess Limbs (EP)
    by Traumatomy
  28. Traumatomy - transformation into a putrid mass UG # 4
    by Traumatomy
  29. 2nd Demo
    by Placental Paralysis
  30. Insidious Clitoridectomy
    by Placental Paralysis
  31. Ecchymosis | Aberrant Amusement in Cadaveric Vomitplay
    by New Standard Elite
  32. Disfigurement of Flesh - Deity of Hideous Fertility
    by Disfigurement of Flesh
  33. Worldwide Slamicide
    by Crepitation
  34. NSE | Scaphism 4-Way Split
    by New Standard Elite
  35. Propagation Of The Foul
    by Fatuous Rump
  36. Delusional Parasitosis | Ingurgitating Intestinal Rot
    by New Standard Elite
  37. COPROCEPHALIC - The Oath Of Relinquishment
    by Lacerated Enemy records
  38. PROMO 2014
    by Embryectomy
  39. Abhorrent Stench Of Posthumous Gastrorectal Desecration
  40. Eternal Harvest
    by Abated Mass Of Flesh
  41. Souls To Consume
    by Septic Congestion
  42. ACT I
    by Psychosurgical Intervention
  43. Bifurcation Of Promordial Slamateurs
  44. MANIFESTING OBSCENITY - Doppelganger
    by Manifesting Obscenity
  45. Somatic Hybridization |promo 2017|
    by Decomposition Of Entrails