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  1. Imperative Imperceptible Impulse
    by Ad Nauseam
  2. Degenerations (Dissonant/Technical Death Metal)
    by DISKORD (Norway)
  3. Famine, Putrid and Fucking Endless
    by Atvm
  4. Mantis Shrimp
    by SHRIMP
  5. Untitled Album 1
    by ATKA
  6. Time Is What We Ride
    by Möbius
  7. Tales Of Bonnie Scotland
    by Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair
  8. Litter
    by Cat Tatt
  9. Infrared Horizon
  10. I
    by Conjurer
  11. Horrorscension
    by Behold The Arctopus
  12. Skullgrid
    by Behold The Arctopus
  13. Cognitive Emancipation
    by Behold The Arctopus
  14. Nano Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning
    by Behold The Arctopus
  15. Indricothere
    by Indricothere
  16. Tein​-​Éigin
    by Úir
  17. Fuck Your Haircut / Stink Wizzleteat Split
    by Fuck Your Haircut / Stinky Wizzleteat
  18. Voices
    by Wormrot
  19. Emissaries of Morning
  20. Shrines of Paralysis
    by Ulcerate