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  1. The Dream of a Fetus in Heavy Oil
    by Contagious Orgasm
  2. [H005] ᴛᴏᴍʙᴀ ꜰᴏʀᴇᴠᴇʀ™
    by 末代 TOMBA!
  3. Weeping Choir
    by Full of Hell
  4. 元素の
    by s a k i 夢
  5. 虹色
    by s a k i 夢
  6. 出没します
    by s a k i 夢
  7. 夢の中で失われました
    by s a k i 夢
  8. タンクの装飾
    by s a k i 夢
  9. 新星
    by s a k i 夢
  10. 天使
    by s a k i 夢
  11. ミノウ
    by s a k i 夢
  12. テトラEP
    by s a k i 夢
  13. 海食洞
    by s a k i 夢
  14. サキ
    by s a k i 夢
  15. 憂鬱
    by 憂鬱
  16. Bidet Dreaming
    by Sea Moss
    by ESPRIT 空想
  18. earthly hangups
    by hikikomori
  19. Nightlife
    by Nostalgic Depression
  20. Constellations
    by Bret Schneider
  21. comic sans liberation army
  22. Stella
    by Super Unison
  23. Night Light
    by Lucid Sound Driver
  24. Night Light
    by Lucid Sound Driver
  25. A Patient Man
    by Cult Leader
  26. Our Sunday Affairs / Carved Our Names In Snow / The Whoopass Girls Split
    by Our Sunday Affairs
  27. Our Sunday Affairs / Emo Side Project Split
    by Our Sunday Affairs
  28. Welcome Home, Kiddo
    by Our Sunday Affairs
  29. Cave
    by Our Sunday Affairs
  30. City of Dogs
    by Our Sunday Affairs
  31. Transitions
    by Our Sunday Affairs
  32. Smiles From Next Year
    by Our Sunday Affairs
  33. Our Sunday Affairs Presents: A 16 Song Step-Guide On How To Lose What Made You Glow and Disappoint Everyone You Have Ever Loved
    by Our Sunday Affairs
  34. Our Sunday Affairs / Stilicho: So Long, Bummer Times!
    by Our Sunday Affairs
  35. Petbrick
    by Petbrick
  36. Pictures of You
    by Tsunxmi
  37. Summer '89 Extended Pleasure
    by Noizz Factor
  38. Burnt Sugar
    by Gouge Away
  39. The Hatred
    by Fictional Girlfriend
  40. Sterile World
    by Spodee Boy
  41. "Leave Your Body" EP
    by SBSM
  42. Soft Confidence
    by D E E P L E A R N I N G
  43. Water Birth
    by First Kings
  44. World of Inconvenience
    by Regional Justice Center
  45. Une Cartographie Idéale
    by Magnétophonique