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  1. Machine Box : Disc One to Disc Four
    by B! Machine
    Handgun (Original) Handgun (Original)
    I love this song, it totally transports me back to the times when synthpop became a force pushing musical boundaries. Thank you Nathaniel for the gift of your music!
  2. Amnesia Lane
    by Schneebezen
    Treasure brings me back to my youth when this music was part of the underground new wave movement and we would dress up in black, style our hair.
  3. Viento (Synthwave Version)
    by Nova Pulsar
    Excelente la versión Synthwave Roberto, espero pronto completes el álbum.
    by An Anything Box Tribute
    T-4-2 - Life Is Fun T-4-2 - Life Is Fun
    Incredible cover song. Anything Box thru the sounds and vocals of T-42. what a great way to collaborate, the whole album is awesome! Thank you Anything Box, Dania, Claude and Paul!
    by Anything Box
    It all started with PEACE, it was immediately love, and it has strengthened with the years. This release was long overdue. Thank you Anything Box for your music and presence in our lives.
  6. Surrounded by Remixes: 3 Single Release Bundle
    by Eloquent
  7. Mages
    by Color Theory
  8. Átomos (Single)
    by Geminis 2
  9. Chronos
    by Geminis 2
  10. Mutar
    by Geminis 2
  11. Ante la Inmensidad (Single)
    by Geminis 2
  12. Your Head´s a mess (and so is the rest) (Single)
    by Geminis 2
  13. Mi Nombre es el Silencio (Single)
    by Geminis 2
  14. Todos los días son Navidad (Single)
    by Geminis 2
  15. Misión: Géminis II
    by Geminis 2
  16. México Electrónico
    by Alterno Mx "México Electrónico"
    Katzen (iszoloscope rmx) Katzen (iszoloscope rmx)
    Friends from Alterno Mexico here we are at the end of 2021. I have already received the CD. But still the full album on my Bandcamp shows incomplete?! What happened?
  17. The Techno Wave
    by Interactive
    The Techno Wave (Ancient Methods Remix) The Techno Wave (Ancient Methods Remix)
    Thank you Mecanica for this release. So many great memories come to mind listening to this album.
    by SOLSUN
    Keith, your song really took me on a ride through a "Rainbow Road". So wonderfully crafted and performed. Greetings from the Inland Empire!
  19. Cromosomas Salvajes
    by Aviador Dro
    El Color de tus Ojos al Bailar El Color de tus Ojos al Bailar
    One of the bands that influenced many of us into making electronic music.

    totally love "El color de tus Ojos al bailar".
    by SOLSUN
    I am a very outgoing guy who loves dancing, and this song hits home. Absolute floor filler!