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  1. Luminous Emptiness
    by Hang Massive
    It's some of the best Hang Music I've ever heard in my life, thank you for this wonderful album! :)
  2. Chin Up! (Lucid Living)
    by KP Kev the Poet
    Chin Up (Utu Savitr Ngai) Chin Up (Utu Savitr Ngai)
    vagabonbardic poetic synchromystical wizard spinning staffs with magical poetry verses painting a mural like Lupe Fiasco with song and sound, thanks for sharing the vibes these tunes will always be shared, affirmations to encourage more music of the Tao, big thanks KP Kev the Poet big uP and Chin Up!
  3. Dub for Social Change Vol. 2
    by Conscious Youth
    This is phenomenal and inspires me thank you, if you listen to this and don't love it then there must be something wrong here and please don't follow me on bandcamp, <3 this amazing work big up Conscious Youth
  4. Vesica Piscis (download by donation)
    by Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys
    HangHangDuduk HangHangDuduk
    Amazing ineffable music and surreal soundscapes, amazing artists, sensational art-work. Thank you !!
  5. YUGEN (Dat Feeling)
    by KP Kev the Poet
    Grip on Reality with JD Bigfoot Grip on Reality with JD Bigfoot
    Kev's music is really punchy and I enjoy listening to his voice, thank you KP Kev the Poet ! Music of the Tao spherical and mystical
  6. The Post Project - A Busker's Rough Draft
    by The Post Project
    Dante's Song Dante's Song
    Amazing work, thanks for sharing these pieces make more sense to me after living near some of the places that are being described, picturesque soundscapes, these tunes are big, thank you all so much!
  7. The Light-Players Fun(d)Raiser Part 1 COTCH N CHILLAX
    by Various Artists
    ENERGY SHIFTS (2013 Edit) ENERGY SHIFTS (2013 Edit)
    Tuning into new music and artists I really enjoy! Keep the music growing