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  1. When The Marks Leave Scars
    by Black Hair Rolled In Dried Blood
  2. EXCUSE 17 // CTSPN09
    by speed sex
  3. The Black River
    by presidiomodelo
  4. Black Prince
    by Supersentient Intelligence Construct
  5. о​м​а​й​н​а т​и​ш​и​н​а​, п​о​г​ъ​л​н​и м​е​!
    by сбогом хиляди
  6. PAS MUSIQUE "Unexpected"
    by Tapekiosk
  7. Wasted Heart
    by Blessed By Saturn
  8. Re Dei Re Minore
    by Nàresh Ran
  9. Martyris Bukkake
    by Nàresh Ran
  10. Floodwaters
    by Rites of Fall
  11. Mandrake Dreams
    by Last Days of Burden
  12. Astral Crazy Horse
    by Cosmic Canyon
  13. Sightings
    by Lori Pate
  14. Nocturnal Encounters
    by Bluff Creek
  15. The Haunting Shadows of Borgo Pass
    by Hordes of Wurdalak
  16. VOID
    by Emi Path
  17. Element Of A Thousand Facets
    by Augurio Drama & Vasily S.
  18. Of Ash & Attar: Songs from the Lost Kingdom of Coeur
    by Andrew Sherwell
  19. The Lonely Home over Cypress Hill
    by Fallen
  20. Noi Tirreni
    by Billy Bogus & Federico Bologna