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Jaedyn Servin

  1. Sacramento, California
  2. Alternative
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  1. Midnight
    by '68
    Three Is A Crowd Three Is A Crowd
  2. Glass Beach
    by Cold Eskimo
    Where You Belong Where You Belong
  3. Discography (Pre-2015)
    by Audiobakery
    Drones Drones
    Were Incubus and Sublime to have an auditory lovechild, Audiobakery would be the product. Fresh, melodic and enchanting, songs seem to flow into each other, defying space and time. Audiobakery delivers progressive rock with a distinctly psychedelic infusion. A true pleasure to immerse yourself in.
  4. Harmlessness
    by The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die
    You Can't Live There Forever You Can't Live There Forever
  5. Use the Sun
    by Use the Sun
    Al Gore Al Gore
  6. Direct
    by Solution H
    Qui Parle ? Qui Parle ?
  7. Into the Roaring
    by || NIGHT RIOTS ||
    London London
  8. Silo
    by Citizen
    Silo Silo
    One of my best friends introduced me to Citizen before we fell out of of touch - this song reminds me of driving around town late at night with her.
  9. The Basement Demo
    by Hippo Campus
    Crown Crown