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  1. All The Birds EP
    by The Western Den
  2. Battle Hymns EP
    by The Western Den
  3. Black Bear
    by Andrew Belle
    The Enemy The Enemy
    Chills. Absolutely gorgeous, but unique. It's got darker undertones, but still makes me so happy.
  4. The One
    by Air Traffic Controller
    You Think You Know You Think You Know
    This album is a breath of fresh air! You maintain depth in your lyrics, but don't take everything too seriously. So fun and refreshing, keep up your stupendous work.
  5. Northbound
    by window view
    What Would I Know What Would I Know
    I just can't box you guys up in a category. Your music is so uniquely your own and beautiful, and I love the messages in your lyrics. My only complaint is that you don't have enough music, please write more!
  6. Happier Than Me
    by Cereus Bright
    Happier Than Me Happier Than Me
    You guys put out such great folk music, and even the haunting "Happier Than Me" just makes me happy when I listen to it. Please put out more music!
  7. Tumbling Down
    by The Western Den
  8. Love You Mean It
    by Family And Friends
    Rust And Bone Rust And Bone
    Lyrically, this music is just about unparalleled. There's so much "meat" in the words. And I love all of the slow builds throughout the lengthy songs. Spectacular!
  9. All Things New
    by Rivers & Robots
    Shepherd Of My Soul Shepherd Of My Soul
    This album helps put me in such a zone of worship. It's musically interesting and your lyrics are so lovely. Please keep writing!
  10. Songs for Deliverance
    by Zack Wiggs
    First Sunrise of Spring First Sunrise of Spring
    "For now, while I bear fruit, I'll stretch out my roots deep into the earth." Dang. You just don't find that kind of stuff in most modern worship music. So powerful, please write more!
  11. Let It Go
    by Tyler Heath
    It Will Not Always Be Raining It Will Not Always Be Raining
    This album just makes me feel happy about life. Let It Go is absolutely positive and hopeful, and yet it's never shallow or overly idealistic. Somehow, when I listen to "It Will Not Always Be Raining," no matter what situation I'm in, I believe it. Thanks for sharing your gifts, Tyler!
  12. Paying Attention To The Sky
    by Floodlines
    The Butcher and the Boy The Butcher and the Boy
    This album is a diamond in the rough. You have a unique sound in every song, and your lyrics are absolutely incredible. God bless!
  13. Rich Kids
    by Judah & the Lion
  14. Rambling Coast
    by Hello Atlantic
    Seasons Seasons
    The lyrics and vocals are lovely, but the instrumentation is what really blew me away. Keep up the great work!
  15. The Wisp Sings
    by Winter Aid
    So lovely, and a very honest message. Keep up the great work!
  16. XOXO
    by Family And Friends
    Wyoming Wyoming
    Absolutely astounding. Such an eclectic sound, and honest and uplifting lyrics. Family And Friends has a sound all their own, you won't be disappointed.
  17. Struggle Pretty
    by Penny and Sparrow
    Thunder Thunder
    Your music is so honest, and I connect so much with that. As a Christian, I don't listen to worship music much because it often lacks depth, but your lyrics really make me think. This is truly a blessing, please keep using your gifts.
  18. Midwinter EP
    by The Western Den
    O Come, O Come, Emmanuel O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
    A beautiful and unique Christmas album! Your gorgeous, dynamic harmonies really make the album. Please write more music!
  19. It Will Not Always Be Raining (Simple Version)
    by Tyler Heath
    Such a lovely and beautiful track. Your music is so meaningful and honest and relatable.
  20. Always In Your Head
    by Tyler Heath